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Month: September, 2010

Video: Cycling backpack with turn signals

The SEIL bag, designed by Lee Myung Su.


Links for 15 September 2010: Are “date conventions” outmoded?

*Note: The question in the headline is a rhetorical one.

*Health: Ganja yoga = Marijuana + Meditation. It almost seems like you could put ganja in front of anything. [coudal]

*Bluegrass: Noted banjo player Steve Martin has created The Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass. Ganja banjo. See that? Also, Steve Martin recently joined Twitter and he is quite good.

*Guts: Jason Freeny imagines the internal organs of fictional characters such as Pixar’s famous fish, Nemo (and gingerbread men). [neatorama]

*Profiles: The New Yorker profiles Mark Zuckerberg. Personally, I prefer Sylvester Stallone. On the plus side, I learned that Zuck is only 5’8″.

*Writing: I like this essay on bar life by @insooutso.

*MEN: Peruse the pocket notebooks of 20 men. I’ll have you know that I write in my pocket notebooks Leonardo style, right to left. This has gotten me nothing over the years except an A in Art History in 1997. [pop loser, among others]

*Today’s links: F.

Video: on Sesame Street

I used to blog extensively about the Black Eyed Peas. Until I lost my faith in humanity.

Links for 9.13.10: Back to the future

*Important note: The post you are now reading was written in the past. Please take this into consideration as you consume the information contained herein.

*Media: Joel Johnson writes about Apple’s AirPlay and its potential futures.

*Dudes: GQ takes on Sylvester Stallone. And it’s a pretty damn interesting read. Sly, Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles are the only three people ever to be up for a best actor and best screenplay nomination in the same year.

*Video: GAYNGS and Har Mar Superstar join forces to cover George Michael’s “One More Try.” I may have mentioned this before, but Har Mar is my home town shopping mall. My son loves running up and down the ramp outside the aromatic pet store near the Marshall’s and around the corner from the Dress Barn.

*Eating: The WaitList app from The A.V. Club sounds like a prediction engine for traffic at restaurants. Read the WSJ blurby thing on it. Is this an anticipation engine?

*Cycles: This Musical Bike Path from the Seoul Cycle Design Competition plays music as one rides over it. I have written about musical roads before. Or linked to them, at least.

*Selling: The Hudson Hotel’s luxury vending machine includes such items as golden handcuffs, miniskirts and a Paul Smith toothbrush. This gives me an idea. The idea is to run a vending machine that is not full of luxury items, but is instead full of awesome shit; a vending machine whose unifying theme is coolness. I think it would have axes and maybe also super-weird pig masks. [mktg]

*Food: These floating cakes are art. [c-monster]

*Oil: Don’t get me started on this, because I could REALLY go. I don’t change the oil in my car. Never have. Never want to. I think it’s bullshit propagated by the oil-industrial complex. And finally, I am vindicated.

*Does anyone want to buy a holiday wreath?

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Tokyo time lapse

Video by Samuel Cockeday; music by Paul Frankland.

Video: DTV Shredder = Segway + Skateboard

This machine goes 30 mph. Always wear a helmet.


Video: Prince Charles listening to a cat organ


Links for 9.10.10: It’s 9:10:10

*Local: I think I will be going to this Northern Grade Americana retail extravaganza in Northeast Minneapolis tomorrow. It’s hard to explain. If you are going, too, I will be the rugged, reticent, semi-Nordic-looking one, shopping for $300 beaverskin gloves.

*OH BOY: Carl Corey has done a photo essay of middle-Wisconsin bars and taverns. If you ever have a chance to, ask me about Whiskey Dicks (sic). (In my opinion, Rhinelander is over-represented.) [eyeteeth]

*Musicianship: Do you know what Axl Rose puts on his contract rider these days? Two bear-shaped tubes of honey. Soy sauce. If this is fake, it’s VERY well thought out. Also, I agree with him about bear-shaped honey being better.

*Fires: The Valor bag by CLEVERSCENE is made from a retired firefighter’s coat. That is some RUGGED-ass shit. [notcot]

*Cycling: I have heard that this Horsey bike (by Eungi Kim) should actually be a unicorn. I, however, believe that it should actually be an oversized goat.

Speaking of cycles, I would also like to call your attention to the under-seat bottle opener. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be able to take a sip without worrying that it would taste like a bicycle’s asshole.

*Literature: The New York Times weighs in on the ugly Virginia Quarterly Review situation.

*Money: Hypebot and Asymco say there’s about $1 BILLION a year in overhead wrapped up in running iTunes. Sounds like a lot of money.

*Money: The venture fund that Bono is a part of is “in deep, deep trouble.” That doesn’t make me happy. In fact, if I wasn’t wearing these sunglasses you’d see tears rolling down my face. (Again, not of joy.)

*Sports: The New York Times‘ “The Beauty of the Power of the Game” is a bunch of pictures, too. It’s female tennis players. And, like, dust and stuff.

*Dating: Everyone has passed these around, but if you haven’t seen them, here are OK Cupid’s analysis of the data from its dating site. So you know what white people really like? Tom Clancy. And Van Halen. (How are the Eagles not on here? Too young a crowd, I guess.)

*Today’s links: F. Weak effort. But I am getting back into shape here.

Video: Evan Roth’s Girl Talk video

It’s made out of animated GIFs. [pocketmonsterd and pocketdialed]

Video: MC Frontalot’s Sesame Street toilet paper rap


Video: Stuck Between Stations

This video offers a look behind the scenes of the Minneapolis-based, Hold Steady-inspired “Stuck Between Stations.”

These guys look like they were interviewed in the office I work out of.

I am doing more linkblogging from my @iconojosh account at the moment. On a totally experimental basis. And temporarily. Please bear with me.

Video: Packing an axe

I am now obsessed with awesome axes. And the Best Made Company.

Video: Hilarious video of man getting his arm chopped off

Every part of that headline is true.