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Links for 10/10/10: The Dodecehamaron [sic]

*Crafting: These felt ravioli caught my attention, but I must ask you to alert me when they begin making silk lasagne. And to do so with the greatest possible urgency.

*Writing: If any of you need your pencils sharpened, there exists this Artisanal Pencil Sharpening Service. “Just because something makes you smile or laugh … doesn’t mean it’s a joke.” [eyeteeth]

*Juggalos: Jon Ronson v. Insane Clown Posse. (Or is it THE Insane Clown Posse?) “No more hidden messages // …Truth is we follow GOD!!!”

*Hearing: With Lido, you can listen to the sounds of the deep ocean. Read up on the project, which provides live feeds from ten deeeeeep ocean sites, at The New Scientist. [psfk]

*Stories: “‘And with all of these thoughts swirling about, people could get to know each other thought-to-thought instead of face-to-face. They could become friends without ever meeting,” said the gnome, but I noticed his lips weren’t actually moving.

*Construction: Richard Kroeker’s “Ambient Material” uses surplus Yellow Pages (and the like) to build a lasting structure. A barn? A storage building? I was unable to discern what it is. [mktg]

*Wristwear: Jwlrymachine has made a watch that is not only HIGHLY evocative of an owl, it is also highly purple. [laughing squid]

*Spores: The most interesting thing about Alex Ross’ very good piece on John Cage in the New Yorker was the fact that Mr. Cage became an avid and knowledgeable mushroom hunter – and that, for a period, that became the bulk of his income. Mushrooms: So cool, so terrifyingly weird. So…strangely compelling?

*Eating: Notcot, a favorite blog of mine, has launched a new food site, Tasteologie.

*Marathons: As I write this, the incredible Mark Mallman is finishing up 78 hours consecutive hours of musical performance at the Turf Club (just a couple miles down the road). Here’s what he just said (via the live feed on his site): “We’ve got some time to kill.”

*Poetry: Harper’s linked to Keats’ “To Autumn” this week. Also, my wife wrote a reading guide to the poem for the Poetry Foundation.

*Note: After many years of living in the real world, writing about real things and reading about actual events, I’m feeling an urge to turn back to fiction in order to give myself a kick in the mind-ass. Anyone who has any decent fiction to recommend, please e-mail, comment or @ me. Thank you for your time. I do not care for Jonathan Franzen. Just so you know. (And I leave for India on Tuesday.)

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