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Links for 11.8.10: On America

*Note: I don’t have much today. I don’t have much.

*Television: Eric Freeman writes for The Awl about the surprisingly awesome Sherlock Holmes reboot on the BBC. I believe the core of Mr. Freeman’s article, which goes unarticulated in the piece, is that Sherlock Holmes should now be a woman. (FACT.)

*Games: On The Hairpin (which is some sort of Awl thing; an accidental occurence), Liz Colville writes about Angry Birds: “You have unlimited chances to pass each level. You pay 99 cents for a game to have utmost faith in you.”

*Eating: More good writing here, on the topic of donuts. Videogames. Sherlock Holmes. Donuts. These are my people, if I have people (I do not). “One of the joys of writing for readers and not editors is that you can bury your lede in the same way a raisin is buried in a loaf.” Also, I don’t know what that last part even means. [c-monster]

*Music: There’s a new Iron & Wine album set to come out, “Kiss Each Other Clean.” This link contains a brief teaser trailer for it. Also, did you know Sam Beam has like 5 or 6 kids and lives in Florida or Texas or something? This is FACTUAL hearsay, speculation and flawed memory.

*Reading: Greenie Danny Seo makes birdhouses out of Golden Books. The first book I ever read was “Hop on Pop.” Which was not a Golden Book. [mktg]

*People: Writers write on social media –
-Zadie Smith worries that the internet will become like Facebook (fair enough) “falsely jolly, fake-friendly, self-promoting, slickly disingenuous.)
-Susan Orlean says “When you finally meet, you spend most of your time chuckling over how much smaller/taller you look in your profile picture.”
-William Gibson says “I was never interested in Facebook or MySpace because they feel like malls to me. Twitter actually feels like the street.”

*Today’s links: F.

Video: The McGurk Effect – BAA BAA BAA

When what you see changes what you hear.

[pop loser]

Video: Ken Nordine’s “Go Get Me the Guru”

Ken Nordine all day.

Video: Live “Mad Men” theme song – A Beautiful Mine

Mashed with Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy.”