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A number of things I like, including ketchup

*Note: You may notice that this link blog post doesn’t look like most of my link blog posts. That is because today I have chosen to do it wrong.

*Blogs: Golden Fiddle on Taylor Swift. Pocket Monsterd on a video visualizing the social network surrounding Voltaire’s letters. Waxy on a real-time sample tracker for Girl Talk’s All Day. MKTG on the world’s worst logo. FuckYeahMensWear on ties. Vulture on Four Loko. NotCot on artsy personalized woodworking. Incredible! Each of these blogs is very good. It’s sick.

*More: And here are the people I find to be very good on Twitter. The Sulk on cold medicine. Mark Leggett on Rihanna. 3Hoss on fake beards and top hats. Biorhythmist on ketchup. Sloganeerist on Facebook. Sucittam on McDonald’s.

*Also: It turns out, I like the old format better. The more things change.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: 10 centuries in 5 minutes

[long now]

Video: Auto-tune the news, Kanye vs. Dubya