Links for 11.29.10: It’s Cyber Monday

*Note: I have been away for a long time; I apologize. Also, my P key (which is an R for you people) no longer works very well. It’s cumbersome. Bear with me.

*Drink: Wilco coffee – It’s SO much hipper than Starbucks. [psfk]

*Sound: Apparently, Google can translate beatbox. (It’s a lot like German.) If you see me in real life, ask me about the first piece of writing I ever really published, “Leberknoedelsuppe.” [neatorama]

*Music: If you haven’t heard it already, here’s David Lynch’s new single, Good Day Today.

*Frozen goods: MyPolarIce sells small pieces of the polar ice cap. [notcot]

*Film: There’s a movie in the works that will track the kids who sang on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” [pop loser]

*Hello: I have many more links, but I am hampered by a poor wifi connection at the moment.

*Today’s links: F.