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the listenerd’s first annual holiday gift guide

Please welcome into being the listenerd’s first annual holiday gift guide. I have included in this annual holiday gift guide 1) things that awesome people would like; 2) things that are innately awesome; 3) random crap.

I will warn you in advance that these are extraordinarily MANLY. And for that, I apologize. One cannot, and should not, fight one’s nature. If you have any recommendations of things that should be added to the list, please let me know.

*Addition + philanthropy: You could give to sucittaM’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Campaign on Pledgie. You could also follow him on twitter. (He’s incredibly funny.)

*Trees: Wetterling’s axe maker’s kit from Best Made. This is a KIT to MAKE an AXE to CHOP WOOD. Or shave your chest with.

*Wall: Some art from Kelly Reemtsen or “art” from Mike Monteiro (well, this one is sold out…). (I’m not really that into axes. Total coincidence. Swear to god.) Also, you could just grab the lovely of your choice from 20×200.

*Food: I bought a gallon jug of Tabasco sauce for my dad for Christmas last year or the year before. His response: (long, long pause) – “Is it real?” Another home run.

*Drink: Surly Furious. They call it an American India Pale Ale. It tastes like what god really wanted grapefruits to taste like.

*Minneapolis: A CHEESE CSA subscription from Shepherd’s Way farm.

*More drink: I don’t know if it’s any good (though I don’t see how it could possibly fail), but I spotted some nut liquor at the liquor store last week.

*Paper: Field Notes notebooks. Simple and attractive. (I am not allowed to buy any more of these for now.)

*Wheels: The Surly CrossCheck complete bicycle. The only wheels you will ever need. Except for the wheels on planes. And inside machines that you use on a day-to-day basis.

*Local: You could contribute in someone’s name to support David Brauer’s excellent Braublog on MinnPost.

*Addition: Panera’s Frontega chicken panini.

*Addition: I bought and tried to use this homemade bubbling system several months ago, and it turns out I am an idiot.

Links for 12.14.10: Today is the last day of the past of your life

*Visual: @fineartrec is a series of poster meant to simply and boldly symbolize a musical genre. [notcot]

*Resumes: Are you innovative, dynamic and motivated? Then you are making a huge mistake (based on analysis of word usage on resumes by LinkedIn).

*Twitter: Read Brent Spiner’s favorites on Twitter. They are outstanding. [apelad]

*Video: My son is obsessed with dinosaurs, causing me to ingest an insane amount of information on their eating habits, mating habits and taxonomy daily. The one place where comedian Dan Telfer loses me, though, is when he confuses a gigantosaurus with a giganotosaurus. I mean, my kid is three and he would close on this guy like a troodon upon hearing that.

*Video: The Stormy Kromer company has a YouTube channel. That includes footage of a guy who worked with Stormy Kromer himself in 47, 48, 49…. Holy cow. And the accents are incredible.

*Media: Merlin Mann talks about the Gawker security breach. “I loathe what Nick Denton’s malignant version of success has done to a medium I used to treasure.” He also makes fun of Mr. Denton’s head size. [poploser]

*Auto: Guess what. The $3k Tata Nano isn’t selling very well in India. Here’s a picture of me eating a giant piece of bread there.

*Video: Nicholas Felton talks to Slate. You don’t know how much it hurts me to link to Slate. Actually, not that much anymore? Huh. I might be cured.

*Reading: The New Yorker‘s Nick Paumgarten profiles Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario Bros. The tug is the drug. Heh.

*Tapping: Check out Keira Rathbone’s typewriter art. It’s incredible. [dude craft]

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Animated trailer for Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita”

I am the worst embedder on earth.

I would also like to, if it doesn’t already exist, request a film version of “Heart of a Dog.”