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Links for 2011: One year’s density

*Note: the listenerd, already weakened by less frequent posting over the past few weeks, will be going on a bit of a hiatus later this month. Due to some changes in computing hardware at work, I will be machine-less after office hours (crazy, right?) for a while. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and sincerely thank you for your patronage.

*Images: Franck Bohbot’s “Levitation” photographic series – especially those images of people reading – is fantastic. [fubiz]

*Words: Mr Borges’s Window – from a series in which writers write about what’s outside their windows. I will put up pretty much any link having something to do with Borges. I’m a whorges?

*Haunting: Muppets with people eyes. It’s like it stirs the exact OPPOSITE feeling as Muppets with people tongues. (No clue.) [vulture]

*Non-dinosaurs: My three-year-old son is going to blow his fucking shit when he hears that pterosaurs might still exist. (You will note that flying creatures such as pteranodons are not actually dinosaurs, but pterosaurs. Dinosaurs walk on land, upright.) [neatorama]

*Swords, ploughshares: Article 22 takes weapons of war and turns them into objects of fashion. [psfk, unconsumption]

*Movies: Here’s a link to Ebert’s best films of 2010. You should know that I stopped following Ebert on twitter many months ago due to noise/signal issues. I realize that this is currently a rude thing to say, and years from now may be considered a hanging offense.

*Art?: “swarm is an autonomous roving device whose movements are determined by a collective of houseflies.” You have my attention, swarm. [neural]

*Video: Sparks in the Snow – a video of a TRAIN throwing tons of sparks as it drives through a blizzard. If this video had a pterosaur it would be perfect. Or more perfect. [coudal]

*India: New Delhi, which I visited twice in 2010, is planning a museum to be modeled after the Tate Modern.

*Three: If you think you can describe me in three words, here is the place to try. I will release the three top ones (no matter how bad they are) at a later date. (My guess: “H.P. Lovecraft on acid.”)

*Twitter: There are still some tweets worth reading.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: James Brown’s dance lessons

Even if, by chance, I have posted this before, it’s worth posting again.