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Links for 1.12.11: The Chiming

*Headline: “In Florida’s Prison System, Honey Buns Are the Ultimate Comfort Food.” I just wanted to type honey buns.

*LINKING: You can now link to specific sentences within New York Times articles. Using this thing, which they are calling Emphasis, I am attempting to send you to the first sentence of the fourth paragraph of an article in the New York Times telling you how to do this. (It may not work.)

*Food: I want to eat the shit out of this cake. REAL BAD. (The artist is Amy Stevens.)

*Images: Coudal linked to this gorgeous “Attribute Portrait #3” by Jelmar Geertsma earlier. Nice, no? (Here are some less attractive cakes that look like human heads.)

*Local: According to The Advocate, Minneapolis is the gayest city in the country. Very interesting! For instance, I didn’t know Minneapolis had a thriving bear community before reading this!

*Blogs: Wow. Worldchanging kicked the bucket?

*Video: Sorry for the lack of embed, but here’s Iron and Wine performing “Tree By the River” for Daytrotter. Seriously; I feel pretty terrible about the no embedding thing.

*Tests: How musical are you? For what it’s worth, I don’t know how musical I am. Also, I feel like some kind of Facebook quiz asshole right now?

*Today’s links: F.

Video: A beer fridge catapult

What the hell is a trebuchet, anyway?

Video: Minnesota Death Star

You’ve probably already seen it, but this is the Minnesota Death Star.

Video: Cee Lo’s “Fuck You” in sign language