Links for March 27, 2011: It’s been awhile.

by Josh Kimball

*Apps: I tried the much-hyped Color app, and I had this same experience. Expertly written, the man has an ear for language, an eye for application design flaws and a feel for good story structure. [gruber]

*Stats: 17% of British consumers think “pork wings” are a real cut of meat. On a side note, I thought Canadian bacon was real until I was fifteen years old.

*Words: Hear Leonard Cohen read “The Future.” You can watch him, too, but it’s not as interesting. [mediaeater]

*Music: Rob Walker, who has been doing some fun poking around in the music space lately, points to Songs with a brand name, a directory of…you can guess.

*Crafts: I’m glad that before it was euthanized, Urlesque was able to compile this collection of Sad Etsy Boyfriends.

*Mixes: Check out Pates Tapes, an online retro-tech-inspired, playable mixtape. [mefi] Also, see No Longer Forgotten Music, a compilation of sorts of forgotten songs, via Harper’s.

*Twitter: How about reading these things?

*Presidents: I went to a travelling exhibit about George Washington the other day (nerd), and not only was I able to compare my height to the great man’s, I also found out that some of his dentures were made out of hippopotamus tusk. If you’ve wondered why he always came off like such a sour guy, could you imagine walking around with a hippo tusk in your mouth all day long? Please don’t answer that. Whatever you do, do not answer. (Also, a classic Washington video.)

*Photos: It looks like The Melancholy of Objects is a photography project by Guy Batey that’s been around for awhile, but I hadn’t seen it before. He takes pictures of sad pianos, lonely brooms and the like. Side note: Right now, there’s an old, half-alive “Hoppy Birthday” balloon tragicomically hop-limping around my living room, and also that’s not a tear in my eye I was recently chopping up onions. Huge onions. [notcot]

*Furniture: This chair is made out of cassette tapes. Some day, I will sit atop a throne made entirely of second generation iPads.

*Talking shop: I still have a corporate job and a corporate box that I’m on, making it pretty hard to blog like blogging should be done. On the plus side, it’s been a pretty interesting run. Traveled to London a couple weeks ago to do some training. While I was there, I went to a Future Laboratory event that was pretty good! They staged a conference on trends at the Camden Roundhouse in London, and the venue was absolutely stunning. I’d like to see a proper concert there some day. (Hendrix played the place back in the day.) They also gave away some of Coudal’s Field Notes.

*Today’s links: Overdue.