Links for 3.28.11: Today is a new day.

by Josh Kimball

*Instruments: Swedish police have seized a double-barrel shotgun built into the neck of a guitar…FOR EXCESSIVE AWESOMENESS. [neato]

*Books: By asking if Bono is quixotic, The Paris Review combines some of my favorite things with one of my most hated things. Classic shit sandwich, in addition to being a gentle musing on the continued cultural relevance of Cervantes’ classic. Thank you.

*Videogames: FarmVille has raised more than $3M for victims of the Japanese earthquake. Despite this fact, if you ever discover that I have played FarmVille, you have my permission to excommunicate me from your life. Further FarmVille reading: The Sunk Cost Fallacy. OK. Huh.

*Audio: The site GirlsMakingGunSounds consists of videos of girls making gun sounds. The site WorstGigs consists of musicians recounting some of their worst gigs. Is there no art left in the claiming of URLs?

*Platforms: Albums optimized for the iPad, if considered as an industry strategy, seem like the ultimate misunderstanding of how to survive, or how to become modern. You’ll note that I have more to say on this matter. Best regards.

*Art: Scott Campbell’s “Noblesse Oblige” includes a skull sculpture cut from $11k worth of dollar bills. Have I ever told you about the throne I’m making out of second generation iPads? (I told you about it yesterday.) [notcot]

*Note: I have eaten so few carbs today, I may have a permanent headache. Forever.

*Today’s links: F.