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Month: April, 2011

Video: Ken Nordine’s “Final scribbles”

I have said this before, but I will never not link to Ken Nordine videos.

Bikes: The upcycled life

This would be FAR better as a sort of infographic with a kind of broish dude (probably with a beard?) wearing all of this recycled bike gear and little callouts pointing to all the upcycled stuff he has on. But my skills are not up to the task.

SO, what follows is as complete a head-to-toe recycled (re-bike-led?) life as I am currently able to create:

Sandals made from bike tires.

Wallets made from bike tires.
Chairs made from bike tires.

Jackets made from bike tires.
Belts made from bike tires.
Dresses made of bike tires (not currently available through retail channels).

Home decor:
Fences made from bike frames (this one is probably my favorite).
Shelves made from innertubes.
Stools made out of bike tires.
Rugs made from bike tires.
Chandeliers made out of bike parts.
Clocks made out of chain rings.
Christmas trees made of recycled bikes (you can’t really fit it in your home).
Menorahs made out of bike chains.
Bowls made out of bike chains.
Picture frames made out of bike chains.
Coat hooks made out of bike chains.
Chairs made from bike parts.

Necklaces made from bike innertubes.
Dog collars made from bike tires.
Purses made from bike tires.
Earrings and necklaces made from bike parts.
Bracelets made from bike tires.

A small catapult made completely out of bike parts.

Musical instruments:
I-don’t-know-what-instruments-these-are made out of bike parts.
Guitar straps made from bike tires.

Sporting goods:
Ski ties made from bike tires.

Office supplies:
Paper clips made from bike spokes.
Bottle openers made from bike chains.

Bike fenders made from bike tires.
Panniers made from bike tires.

Links for 4.17.11: Let’s do this.

*Film: Johnny Depp is set to play Tonto? Shit just got real, Kimosabe.

*Religion: Here’s Tina Fey’s “A Mother’s Prayer for Its Child.”

*Minneapolis: Color Me Obsessed is a film about The Replacements. [mefi]

*Dinosaurs: My son has a dinosaur obsession. Someday, he will understand the awesomeness of these Cabazon dinosaurs of the 1960s. Incredible. Also, they remind me of Large Marge and the first time I ever shit my pants while watching a movie.

*H20: You had me at photographic essay of water towers, BLDGBLOG.

*Blog recommendation: The fine people over at Future of Listening have been KILLING IT lately. Humanely. But still. KILLING IT. (In a good way.)

*Shoes: This sneaker looks like a battleship. This heel looks like it’s made from measuring tape.

*Internet: If you’re interested in how the internet works, read SamHey’s “Public Displays of Affection.” It’s great! I’ve tried to write about similar topics a few times (a bunch are behind the work firewall), but never so well.

*Stalkers: Read “An Open Letter to My Neighbors.” One’s aggregations of hearts/stars/likes could be considered an implicit open letter to one’s internet neighbors? Not sure. (I know exactly what I mean.) [pocketmonsterd]

*Work: I spent last week in Miami at a work thing; Iconosphere 2011. Here’s an ad guy who wrote up a thing on it. One of the speakers for the client-only event was Steven Johnson, who talked about good ideas and where they come from. The other was Emily Pilloton of Project H Design. She gave an inspirational talk about how she’s moved to Bertie County, North Carolina to teach school and design. The county just got hit by a terrible tornado. Watch her TED video, then donate, if it moves you…

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 4.4.11: It’s April 4th and there’s still snow on the ground

*Television: Who wants to undress Don Draper?

*Comments: Reddit commenters take on Sir Mix-A-Lot and the evolutionary purpose of the rear end. I have no drollery to add to this item.

*Music: Here’s a reggae interpretation of Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue.” [coudal]

*Personal anecdote: Daring Fireball notes that Stanley Kubrick’s “Barry Lyndon” is coming to Blu-ray. Barry Lyndon is the first movie title I was ever unable to recall in extemporaneous conversation in my adult life (age 26), a moment I will always mark as the beginning of my intellectual decline.

*Local: Non-local person Aaron Landry’s take on where to eat pizza in the North Star state.

*Video: This is a commercial to sell Japanese cellphones, but it’s a pretty damn good take on Bach, no matter how you slice it?

*Today’s links: F.