Links for 4.17.11: Let’s do this.

by Josh Kimball

*Film: Johnny Depp is set to play Tonto? Shit just got real, Kimosabe.

*Religion: Here’s Tina Fey’s “A Mother’s Prayer for Its Child.”

*Minneapolis: Color Me Obsessed is a film about The Replacements. [mefi]

*Dinosaurs: My son has a dinosaur obsession. Someday, he will understand the awesomeness of these Cabazon dinosaurs of the 1960s. Incredible. Also, they remind me of Large Marge and the first time I ever shit my pants while watching a movie.

*H20: You had me at photographic essay of water towers, BLDGBLOG.

*Blog recommendation: The fine people over at Future of Listening have been KILLING IT lately. Humanely. But still. KILLING IT. (In a good way.)

*Shoes: This sneaker looks like a battleship. This heel looks like it’s made from measuring tape.

*Internet: If you’re interested in how the internet works, read SamHey’s “Public Displays of Affection.” It’s great! I’ve tried to write about similar topics a few times (a bunch are behind the work firewall), but never so well.

*Stalkers: Read “An Open Letter to My Neighbors.” One’s aggregations of hearts/stars/likes could be considered an implicit open letter to one’s internet neighbors? Not sure. (I know exactly what I mean.) [pocketmonsterd]

*Work: I spent last week in Miami at a work thing; Iconosphere 2011. Here’s an ad guy who wrote up a thing on it. One of the speakers for the client-only event was Steven Johnson, who talked about good ideas and where they come from. The other was Emily Pilloton of Project H Design. She gave an inspirational talk about how she’s moved to Bertie County, North Carolina to teach school and design. The county just got hit by a terrible tornado. Watch her TED video, then donate, if it moves you…

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