Links for October 6, 2011: Dancing to photographs of architecture

by Josh Kimball

*Games: Watch a trailer for a Neutral Milk Hotel videogame. On a side note, remind me to someday talk about the first reptile with a true placenta. It has nothing at all to do with Neutral Milk Hotel.

*In Memoriam: Metal Sucks rounds up the metal community’s reaction to Steven Jobs’ death. This reminds me of an adage I have been working on for a decade or more: “You can measure your distance from a culture by how absurd you believe that culture’s exercise clothing is.” (Needs refinement.) Also, the xkcd eternal flame is pretty great.

*Graphics: Even heroin brands have logos.

*Questions: This New Yorker article on Derek Parfit asks whether morality can be reduced to a formula. I give that question a 3 on my own personal scale.

*Attention: Please note – If you mention a TOILET BIKE, and it is a LEGITIMATE REFERENCE, you will most definitely have my undivided attention. (Due to the fact that I, right now, have to go potty.)

*Interesting: You know what’s interesting? Brands that are led by emotional investment and trailed by actual, tangible products. (When I say that, it has the potential to seem dismissive, but I think it really does tap into something meaningful right now.) What I mean by that is: Best Made, sure. It’s also, “a subscription service for wonderful things.” (Hey, that sounds dangerously boing boing-esque! Barf!)

*Clothing: I bought this t-shirt. It’s now my second favorite t-shirt. My first favorite t-shirt? It’s a t-shirt based on a little something called THE XENON CODEX TOUR!!!!

*Local: I saw Mayor R.T. Rybak wearing a gray three-piece suit today and riding a NiceRide bike. He was taking up an entire lane (as is appropriate) and was legally stopped at a semaphore. Also, I’m not suggesting that this should be done (AT ALL), however, I wonder if anyone has considered converting a whole envoy of NiceRide bikes to fixed gears en masse (as a political statement and/or conceptual art).

*Literature: There are a lot of good tweets out there nowadays.

*Today’s links: F. This is not my best work. However, I may be getting back into a groove. Of sorts.