Links for October 7, 2011: Inspirational “content” to be “consumed”

*Blogs: For a site entirely about donkeys, this blog sure has a stupid name. (Anything other than “That Ass” is a stupid name in this situation.)

*Video: Designer Mike Thompson has invented a WiFi dowsing rod. What I think could be interesting is a subject-agnostic dowsing rod with built-in location sensitive software and either a voice input or a small keyboard, so you could change what you wanted to dowse depending on your mood and needs. For instance, a rest room. Or a drink. (Not necessarily in that order.) [notcot]

*Digits: You had me at 16-fingered robot, 16-fingered robot (or spokesperson for said). I should mention that this robot washes your hair. Remind me to someday tell you about the head massage I long ago received in China from a young lady who had just barely finished picking her nose. It’s utterly disgusting.

*Local: For anyone who has ever driven up Interstate 35, north of the Twin Cities, I present you with this image. (Link contains 1990s pop culture innuendo and grainy, tilted photograph.)

*Obits: My brilliant former colleague Jeff Yang wrote about “The Zen of Steve Jobs” in his new column for the Wall Street Journal, Tao Jones. I found this Onion piece insightful, as well. Link contains the F word. (You know; fuck.)

*Author’s note: You have my solemn promise that I will never, on this blog, post any “content” that I intend for people to “consume.” That would be rude.

*Today’s links: F. Give me one month to get back into fighting trim. One month. (Also, I should lose about 15 pounds.)