Links for October 9, 2011: Blow up your TV

by Josh Kimball

*Games: If you have the chance, go play Plink with someone you know, or even a stranger. It’s an interactive multiplayer music game by Dinah Moe. And it was strangely fun.

*Savings: A plastic surgeon in Florida is allowing his clients to store fat liposuctioned from their bodies so that they can use it later (fat is often injected into one’s face to fight wrinkles or used to augment one’s breasts). Personally, I am happy to self-store my own fat. In my ass, face and breasts.

*Web: You can follow the Occupy Wall Street movement online here, if you like. It’s a Dave Winer thing.

*Toys: I wrote a listicle about Mr. Potato Head.

*Topography: Read The Grand Map in the Paris Review. “This happens to be how many of us enter the great map. One night, you locate a distant childhood intersection. You leave the street map and enter the scene, passing seamlessly from map to territory.” On a side note, if you’re ever backed into a corner at work, use that old “map vs. territory” saw to obfuscate the issue and imply that your opponent lacks perspective on the question at hand. Then move on quickly and excuse yourself from the discussion entirely. Works like a charm.

*Aging: Rob Walker writes about wear and tear‘s place in the tech world, and maybe muses about whether it should be more digitally apparent? Have I mentioned lately that the skin around my eyes looks like a brown paper bag that has been crunched and uncrunched for the lifetime of one thousand wraiths. (That just flowed out of me and I went with it.)

*Reportage: Caravan magazine profiles Das Racist.

*Note: Got rid of my television today.

*Today’s links: F.