Links for October 13, 2011: Switch bugs on an obvious refusal

by Josh Kimball

*Breaking!: 98% of the skeletal remains of a theropod who died in its youth have been found in southern Germany! This may be the most complete dinosaur fossil ever discovered! (My son made me put all those exclamations in there. In fact, he is responsible for this entire entry.)

*Cramping: Check out these Foogos, logos of sports team and comic book characters that are made out of food. Nearly debilitating in their wasteful and overindulgent repulsiveness! What we really need is a Minnesota Vikings logo made out of dog shit.

*Neurotypicality: Those who know me well might understand why I have a special interest in neurotypicality and empathy. I found this online empathy quotient test that Coudal linked to interesting for a couple reasons. One was because it was designed by the foremost authority on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Simon Baron-Cohen (cousin of Ali G), and two because I got the AVERAGE male score. I’m totally average!!!

*Battles in the Sky: This New York Times video features the timeless art of kite fighting. It’s important here to remember the words of Sun Tzu, “[Something something] TOO MUCH SLACK! PULL IT! NOW RUN!! GO GO!!”

*Local: The Minneapolis startup scene is remarkably dismal. I guess it receives no help (in my book, at least) from Wahooly, a new “alpha” service that gets a bunch of people to market startups. I am depressed. Also, I think I went to high school with one of the founders. AM I STARTING TO LOOK OLD AROUND THE EYES??? On an even more tangential note, sometimes I wonder if the folds under George Clooney’s eyes smell like cigarette smoke.

*Podcasts: It sounds like Alec Baldwin will be launching a podcast soon. Though I have become HIGHLY reliant on podcasts for my information and entertainment needs of late, I’m a little trepidatious of this one simply because I recently learned via Mr. Baldwin’s Twitter feed that he is a huge fan of THE EAGLES. (YES, THE INCREDIBLY TEDIOUS BAND.)

*Medicine: This oncologist speculating about the cause and arc of Steve Jobs’ illness and death is jarring. [mefi]

*Identity: I am Charles Vasa. We are all Charles Vasa.

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