Links for October 21, 2011: Where would you like your Coke bottle?

by Josh Kimball

*Imagery: Don’t miss this brilliantly arresting art, Plasticizer, by Liu Bolin. It’s from an incredible set of images of 21st century China. (This is really a must-see photo collection.) [fallows]

*Art: These dioramas, MINIATURES NO LESS, were created underwater. You heard that right. UNDERWATER. Look at them and allow your jaw to DROP. (You’ll note that I RESISTED the urge to make a crude “under-toilet-water sculpture” reference. Almost.) [coudal]

*Sartorial splendour: TieSight is an app that uses a MacBook’s camera to step one through tying a tie. I don’t wear ties, but I would someday like to learn how to shave? [poploser]

*Holidays: I don’t know what I will be dressing up as for Halloween, but the costume will definitely include a 300-piece chocolate gladiator bikini.

*Greenery: This microblog on microlawns is fairly amusing? “Unexpectedly erotic mons pubis form, measuring 3 feet across, deemed so provocative that Its location has been hidden by the Censors.” [mefi]

*Chestnuts: Coudal reminds us of this old chestnut, while that fall nip in the air reminds us that It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers.

*Ideas: Fluevog is putting a vending machine full of smart, handcrafted gew gaws in its public break room and Flueseum. Nurturing creative ideas = good for workers, good for business.

*Local: Polica is going to be playing at the Turf Club – right down the street! – on November 7th.

*Fun fact: One of the most popular searches for this site is “Coke bottle in ass.” That sounds terribly unappetizing!

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