Links for October 25, 2011: Please candle your earhole at your earliest convenience

*Mashup: This bicycle plays an LP while you ride it. And it is a VIDEO.

*Tattly: Bikes + types = temporary tattoos? (The apogee of the form, of course, is the Helvetica fixie.)

*Immersion: Immerse yourself in the world of Japan’s ear-cleaning parlors. A 30-minute ear waxing costs about $32. Seems reasonable? (Exaggerated Pee Wee Herman “What?” quote.)

*Yum: Adult Pixie Stix (Trixy Stix!) do not contain what you are IMAGINING they contain (I do not know what you are imagining they contain), they are, in fact, filled with flavors such as beet rose and black sesame. Also, there’s a weird video trailer for this whole deal.

*Amazon: This is Spinal Tape. (This is tape that looks like a spine.) [laughing squid]

*Hacking: Moneyfacing is Sleeve Facing, but with money. (I hope you know what I’m talking about.)

*Video: “To Die by Your Side” by Spike Jonze. The beret. The books. The music. The living covers. Crying into my cupped hands.

*Words: Sweet Lord Baby Jesus Christ Almighty, are you trying to tell me that the site that was named best grammar blog of 2011 is a hideous collection of insanely annoying ads?

*Today’s links: F.