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Month: November, 2011

Video: Mitch Hedberg’s 1995 comedy central performance

Links for November 22, 2011: Hotdish, stinkbug eggs, naked flying people

America: Spinning off the wonderful site is I HIGHLY recommend that you submit any hotdish-related questions as soon as possible. This is what America is all about. Dialog. Community. Hamburger. Love. (It’s from the people at Liquid Chroma!)

Images: Cédric Le Borgne’s Les Voyageurs are beautiful. They are people of light! Like, flying. And probably naked! [coudal]

Questions: Who are the people currently drawing cavemen professionally, and what informs how they draw them? I drew a carrot man during a meeting the other day! He the green part WAS HIS HAIR.

Ova: If there’s one thing I can promise you, it is this: You will not see any more beautiful image of stinkbug eggs today. You will not.

Study: The more complex and dire a social issue, the more people want to avoid learning about it. Sounds like something not to click on next item please!

Flip side: On the other hand, this complex and dire issue – how Facebook is gaslighting the web, by Anil Dash – is something you should learn about, know about and maybe even do something about.

Video: When Kottke says “I’ve been on the web for 17 years now, I’m a professional link finder, and I have never in my life seen anything like these guys,” I guess it seems like you have to watch? Especially considering there’s lightbulb biting and head-brick smashing?

Faces: Amalgamation is a video that shows a bunch of faces changing. It’s less boring than it sounds. Speaking of changing faces, I tried shaving with a safety razor this evening and it did NOT go well.

Sports: On the Media covers professional wrestling labor relations. I didn’t know all wrestlers are independent contractors! Occupy the turnbuckle! (How great would an OWS storyline be? Maybe with a hedge fund heel?)

Today’s links: F.

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s DVD commentary for Total Recall

To be perfectly honest, this is exactly how I imagine I sound whenever I talk.

Video: Party at One on One bicycle studio

If you’ve been wondering, this is where I get my coffee pretty much every weekday.

Video: Polica does “Wandering Star” at Nick and Eddie

Links for November 16, 2011: Double shower head, single dog’s head and how to name your novel

Running: I have begun running and I loathe myself for it. Utterly. (Close readers of the listenerd (ha) may recall having read a little something about this.) No one – and I mean NO ONE – captures the nouveau runner’s mix of addiction, wonder and self-hatred like Charlie Brooker. “I have been murdered and replaced with a suspicious facsimile. In running shoes.” Please read that. Furthermore, Charlie Brooker, much to his credit, is trying to plant the idea that the PACKAGE in this heart-rending John Lewis (a UK retail chain) advertisement contains a dog’s head. (It might.)

Showers: Rob Walker explores a thoroughly modern hotel signage phenomenon, one in which the hotel attempts to initiate a game of chicken with its guest to see who will eventually blink and ruin the entire planet by using/providing too many towels or using/offering incredible water pressure. Also, there is a HUGE dual shower head involved. HOWEVER, Mr. Walker does not answer the question of whether the dual-shower head thing was worth using.

Minneapolis: Minneapolis’ Craig Finn talks about the first time he heard Minneapolis’ The Replacements. All this story needs is Minneapolis’ Prince to make it complete and as obnoxious as is possible. And possibly a bike lane. (Maybe Prince is winter cyclo-commuting via it.)

Gimmicks: These musical business cards by Katharina Hölzl are incredibly cool. Watch the video or read more here.

Self-help: NPR helps you name your first novel. Mine was The Black Black Delphinium of Vatican City!

“News”: Google dropped a new music service today. I will play with it, though it is rare that I find people ready and willing to spend time and energy even entertaining the idea of sharing something with me via Google+.

Local: Normally, I’m not a fan of Bob Collins and NewsCut! (I listened to him on the radio once.) It’s entirely possible that he touches my shadow. HOWEVER, I enjoyed his Letter to the East Coast. “Where you come from, you don’t change as much as merely assimilate — you’ve been around for almost 400 years. Here, the culture is changing and watching it change is about the most exciting thing you can imagine.”

Graphics: Check out these classic albums, their covers reimagined. Whenever I reimagine my own cover, I am no longer bald. And am perhaps a bit thinner. And I have a more symmetrical face. Maybe less of a harsh jaw line. My bulbous forehead recedes. The pain in my right knee subsides. My posture improves significantly. My heart begins pumping more blood, through thick, wide veins, more quickly, delivering much-needed nutrients to all of my bodily tissues.

Among other things.

Today’s links: F. My queue overfloweth.

Commercial: A 1979 advertisement for Pabst Blue Ribbon starring Patrick Swayze

HIGH pants.


Video: Some dude playing the celeste

I mean, it’s not Polica, but this is pretty lovely?


I want an Instapaper for everything

They other day on Twitter, I plaintively (well, kinda) begged the cosmos for something: Maybe this already exists, but I’d like a Tivo queue for cultural events. I want a media-agnostic way to “stack” stuff than I want to see/do.

I make lame jokes about a lot of things on that Twitter account, but here I was starting to articulate a real need I’ve been feeling. Having thought more about it over the past couple of days, I think a better way to say what I think I need is in this headline: I want an Instapaper for everything.

What does that mean? It means I’d like a tool that’s NOT first and foremost about sharing or displaying things (like Pinterest is, and like some dozens of social shopping sites are), but is instead a stripped-down tool focused on and optimized for ME. I want it to allow me to save and sort any kind of media – from granular articles like Instagram does now – to TV shows on Hulu, specific podcasts through the iTunes store, books through Amazon, to even live shows by bands playing at the Turf Club down the road.

I don’t even care if it recommends anything for me (though I assume someday, after this thing exists in a sufficiently usable format, people will want recommendations like that). Right now, I finish my podcast-informed commute and have half a dozen things I WANT to remember to look at: An album by Allen Toussaint. Some dumb fitness app. An old television series starring Alec Guinness.

But I am not one to make spreadsheets. And I don’t want to send myself dozens of disconnected emails of movies to remember to watch or albums to buy when I get the chance. And I don’t want to set up dead to-do lists where buying some milk sits next to seeking out, evaluating and purchasing (or not!) an app or an e-book.

Does this service exist already? Am I being dense? If anyone gets where I’m coming from, and if this does not exist, is there any way you can PLEASE wield your vast powers to make this happen? Please? Can you, for once, use your authority for GOOD?

Video: Polica performs “Wandering Star” at the Turf Club

Skinny version. I have a post on a burgeoning “Slow Autotune” movement (Polica, Gayngs, Bon Iver) that I’m going to write tonight. Or tomorrow night. I don’t remember.

Diary of a Mid-Life Crisis: This 1984 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck Is SO On

This is a 1984 Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Don't be fooled by the 200k miles and the rust spots. This is the Prospector edition.

I have, in other forums, noted that the choices one makes in regards to his or her mid-life crises are important (though imperfect) reflections on his or her vanity. If that is the case, my vanity is a hulking, headless brute, stuck in the 1980s, sucking gas, brown on beige. But it is gorgeous on the inside.

More pictures here.

Video: Prince on American Bandstand at 19


Video: Mike Doughty’s anti-depressant percussion


Video: Alec Soth for Ping Pong Pajamas by Rodarte

I have an Alex Soth print up in my living room. IT IS MAGNIFICENT. (It’s a neckbeard in the woods.)