Links for November 2, 2011: Eating glass, walking on hair

by Josh Kimball

*Shockers: The headline of this article says it all – Did you know that hard candy is actually a glass? I’ve never eaten glass, but I have had my car windows smashed twice in the last five years. Odd coincidence. [mefi]

*More eating: On a similarly shocking food note, there’s no rib in a McRib. I HAVE eaten a McRib. And have suffered ZERO rib injuries in the past five years.

*Furthermore: Speaking of things that are somewhat edible, have you read about the gonad-eating bacteria, Wolbachia? It can CHANGE THE SEX of mosquitos. When I mentioned “things that are somewhat edible,” I was referring to mosquito gonards, and was speaking from the point of view of a bacterium. [originalspin]

*Video: Is this some sort of perversely compelling advertisement for Stolichnaya? Because it is working. My GOD, is it working. (Not safe for work, I guess? And super weird?)

*Social: Mint Digital has taken a device that turns social media messages – from the likes of Twitter and Instagram – into smells. Considering the people I follow on Twitter, I have no desire to test this product. [psfk]

*Inventions: If you worry about bears when you’re out camping, try a portaledge. [popgadget]

*Going down: Walk on hair! Jessica Wohl’s Hairy Stairs art installation has sickened me beyond all possible words. At least, I guess, it’s not pubic hair. [neatorama]

*France: When it comes to Adam Gopnik, I couldn’t possibly say it better than Choire Sicha – “I love elitist rich people things and even I want to bonk Adam Gopnik on the head.

*Devices: The PlugBug has one plug-in and two chargers, for charging up more than one device at once. [daringfireball]

*Nerdly: Read this piece if you care about the unfortunate recent changes to Google Reader. I’m seeing people recommending Newsblur or Readability as alternates. [barbarism]

*Local: Sad to see that local radio guy Tom Keith died earlier this week. He’s better known to morning show listeners as Mr. Sports, Mr. Action, Mr. Jim Ed Poole. He was just 64.

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