Links for November 6, 2011: Nickelback, Smerdyakov, Sausage parties and John Lennon’s tooth

Experimentation: Bohemian Rhapsichord turns Bohemian Rhapsody into an instrument. That is sort of fun to play with. The interface reminds me of an Andrew Kuo infographic. [waxy]

Rock: 41,000 football (and music?) fans have mobilized to try to prevent Nickelback from playing at the Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving day halftime show.

Listicles: This sad list of the 10 Best Villains of Literature doesn’t include Grendel, Grendel’s mother, Karamazov’s Smerdyakov, General Zod or Nickelback.

Landscapes: What is reality and what is a screensaver? Check out Jeff Friesen’s ethereal panoramic photography. Also, here’s a picture of a DROP OF COFFEE!! [notcot]

Light: Sergio Silva’s light design is brilliant and gorgeous. [unconsumption]

Butchery: Sausage party! The T for the New York Times magazine’s design and living issue was inspired by sausage, made out of glass.

Dentistry: Someone bought John Lennon’s tooth for $31,000. It is, if you were wondering, hollowed out, yellow and as disgusting as you would expect a decades-old molar to be. Or moreso.

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