Links for November 22, 2011: Hotdish, stinkbug eggs, naked flying people

America: Spinning off the wonderful site is I HIGHLY recommend that you submit any hotdish-related questions as soon as possible. This is what America is all about. Dialog. Community. Hamburger. Love. (It’s from the people at Liquid Chroma!)

Images: C├ędric Le Borgne’s Les Voyageurs are beautiful. They are people of light! Like, flying. And probably naked! [coudal]

Questions: Who are the people currently drawing cavemen professionally, and what informs how they draw them? I drew a carrot man during a meeting the other day! He the green part WAS HIS HAIR.

Ova: If there’s one thing I can promise you, it is this: You will not see any more beautiful image of stinkbug eggs today. You will not.

Study: The more complex and dire a social issue, the more people want to avoid learning about it. Sounds like something not to click on next item please!

Flip side: On the other hand, this complex and dire issue – how Facebook is gaslighting the web, by Anil Dash – is something you should learn about, know about and maybe even do something about.

Video: When Kottke says “I’ve been on the web for 17 years now, I’m a professional link finder, and I have never in my life seen anything like these guys,” I guess it seems like you have to watch? Especially considering there’s lightbulb biting and head-brick smashing?

Faces: Amalgamation is a video that shows a bunch of faces changing. It’s less boring than it sounds. Speaking of changing faces, I tried shaving with a safety razor this evening and it did NOT go well.

Sports: On the Media covers professional wrestling labor relations. I didn’t know all wrestlers are independent contractors! Occupy the turnbuckle! (How great would an OWS storyline be? Maybe with a hedge fund heel?)

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