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Month: December, 2011

Video: Fiddlesticks!

Just the name DEWEY BALFA FIDDLESTICKS should strike terror into the heart of any prospective video watcher.


Links for December 27, 2011: Music and geography and cultural devolution and mob rule and mob cash and pixel fireplaces and cello scrotum and vodka

Music: Richard Florida wrote a piece examining the geography of 2011’s music. Eau Claire, Wisconsin (home of Bon Iver) has the highest number of hits per-capita. Minneapolis doesn’t even make a blip. No kings. [eyeteeth]

Culture: Also! I’ve been meaning to link to this for a long time, but referenced in the above article was a piece by Kurt Anderson from Vanity Fair that argued that culture has devolved over the past 20 years.

Shopping: There were some terrible quasi-riots at the Mall of America today, a 20-person fight in the north food court that got 9 people arrested. Ugh.

The flip side: Cash Mobs organize people to shop locally, without any tangible benefit for the group. (Seems like the Carrot Mob idea — exchanging a certain amount of business for a sustainability promise — would work better, long run.) [notrobwalker]

Hot!: This pixel Fireplace application may be of great use to you this New Year’s Eve. From waxy.

Burning question: Is cello scrotum real?

Fire!: Long ago, I linked to this awesome collection of Indian matchbox covers. Today, I link to this awesome collection of Japanese matchbox covers. Tomorrow? I probably won’t find any more cool matchbox covers. Have I mentioned that should I ever get a tattoo, it will be a modified version of this Indian matchbox?

FACT. [coudal]

Music: Stereogum has aggregated the 10 most NSFW music videos of the year! The sad thing is, I couldn’t get myself interested enough to watch a single one of them all the way through. Is that a commentary on the videos, our culture or my aging id? Anyone?

Lastly: Who wants some Flava Flav vodka? Hemp juice, bubblegum and grape flavors to roll out in 2012. It’s going to be a hell of a year!

Today’s links: F.

Video: James Gill “Flyin Out My Gates”

Wait. A British rap. About cycling?

Video: Prince performing “Mountains” in 1986


Video: Don Cherry’s Piano Desk

I do this all the time, and would, in fact, love to have a piano desk of my own.

Video: 2011’s United State of Pop by DJ Earworm

An annual link. 5 minutes, the year’s 25 top songs.

2011: Some things I liked!

Joy to the world! And hello! Below is a highly subjective and loosely collected group of things that I liked this year! I will warn you that virtually no “metrics” were used in the compilation of this list, except insofar as to trot them out, consider them, and reject their very right to exist.

Seeing, then, that this post is so much informed by my own personal taste, you may find it helpful to become better acquainted with me via this brief description from someone who knows me well. (Here’s a visual, too. Scary, right?)

So here it is! 2011! Things! Note that this is not at all meant to be a “top 100 list” or a “best of” list. It is not comprehensive. It is not systematic. It’s on the new side, but it’s not all, like, straight-up 2011 shit. OK? Can we drop the dogma and self-enforced rigidity for like 10 minutes here? The first part is stuff I liked from around the internet, the second half is stuff from my tumblr or twitter account or whatever else. That’s it! Things!

Tweet!: “Ryan Gosling probably shits his pants once or twice a week, just like every other normal man.” [Mark Leggett] Puerile!

Mark Leggett
Mrs. Rupert Pupkin
Your Aunt Diane
Rob Delaney
Peanut Free Mom

Essay (you must be loco):
“I have been murdered and replaced with a suspicious facsimile. In running shoes” by Charlie Brooker

Blog!: Yo, Is This Racist?

Bloggers/writers I have appreciated:
Ben Miller at Liquidchroma
Tyler Hellard at Pop Loser
Diana Hong at Pocketmonsterd
Paul Ford (for one or two glorious weeks) at Ftrain Rob Walker at Design Observer and here
Everyone at Coudal always
Golden Fiddle forever

Apps: RunKeeper – Oh, how I hate thee, RunKeeper. How I loathe thee. (The only other couple apps I truly use on a daily basis are Tweetbot, the tumblr app and Words With Friends (I also hate the new system that allows people to buy cheats, though not as much as I hate RunKeeper).

Band!: Poliça.

Least favorite letter of the year!: ç

Song!: Trampled by Turtles covers “Where Is My Mind?

Attention! What follows is the self-service aisle!:

Listicle!: Life Lessons from Mr. Potato Head (This might be my favorite thing I wrote all year? Sappy?)

Tweet!: “Groinzo would be a weird (but good) name for a Muppet.” [link] Puerile!

Essays!: For some reason, I still like this fake Kickstarter project (a pitch for a collective work of interactive fiction) and this thing about Dirk Nowitzki’s hand signals.

Image!: Theodore, dinosaur.

Most terrifying personal experience!: An account.

If you’re curious, here are this blog’s top posts of 2011:
Famous People on Twitter (this is the most popular post every year and most individual days and weeks, as well — it is awful and I abhor its existence and myself for bringing it into this world)
Duluth Trading Company’s Ballroom Jeans commercial

Finally! Overall grades for the year:
Internet – F
Listenerd – F

Video: Would you like to see P.O.S. make donuts?

Related: I have recently done a donut tour of the Twin Cities, which included: Lee’s Donuts (it’s my local, and my go-to is the old fashioned), Mojo Monkey (In St. Paul; I think it was a key lime donut), Yoyo Donuts (way out in Minnetonka; tried this highly reblogged bacon maple long john) and The Donut Cooperative (coconut curry).


Video: The Trapeze Swinger performed live

Who among us is not crying into his or her own cupped hands right now?

Also, I enjoyed this comment, by alexanderalexanders: “GOD I WOULD FUCKING RAGE IF PEOPLE WERE TAKING THAT MANY FLASH PHOTOS OF ME”

Video: Polica does “Wandering Star” for Radio K

Heh. College music.

Video: Guy whistling “On My Mind” – You must watch this video.

Trust me. Please. (Also, the top comment is pitch perfect?)


Links for December 7, 2011: When should one STOP blogging?

Thinking: This project, by Gaelan Kelly, has my attention! (And that’s saying something at this point.) It’s called “NPR: How the Voices Look in My Head,” and as you might guess, it consists of drawings of radio personalities based only on what the artist IMAGINES they look like. What I like is that it takes what we all do daily – make only somewhat informed judgments based on limited input – to a logical extreme. I’ve thought about this in a bunch of other contexts, and I think it’s related to a project/idea I started (but still want to explore) in which people attempt to recall the plots of books read long ago (or never read). What do they actually know? What do they make up to fill in an important blank? I think it’s even related to this (sorta classic?) video of a girl who holds forth on the plot of Star Wars having never seen the movies.

The question, basically: How does the brain decide what is necessary to conjure? And then, once it has decided that some certain set of things needs to be conjured, how does it go about filling in those slots? Through memory? Association? Through cultural context? Is this exactly what imagination is? [coudal]

Gifts: These lineposters, which depict cities as line representations of their transit systems, might make for good gifts? If you are purchasing gifts for urban nerdbaits? I would like a Twin Cities version. It would have one line, from the sternum to three inches above the sternum. (Seriously, though, they’re sort of lovely?)

Edifices: I think this site – Buildings Listening to Dubstep – should actually be called Dancing by Architecture. And they should be listening to Martin Mull instead of dubstep? (I don’t know what I’m talking about.) [liquidchroma]

Sports: This series by John Branch of the New York Times on hockey enforcer Derek Boogaard is worth your three clicks. Be ready to weep, question your values and give up your last lingering support of nearly any major sport, though. Devastating.

Markets: Indie capitalism. It smells good? “Good things come from and are made locally by people you can see and know.”

Lists: McSweeney’s “Band Math” is a confection. A handmade confection, but a confection nonetheless. Do you even know what I MEAN by that? (I don’t.) [pop loser]

Music: You KNOW the guy holding a ukulele that looks like a Transformer’s head in an Etsy photo HAS to have a scraggly beard. (Sorry, scraggly beard.)

Running: The race at the bottom of the world. Watch 36 athletes run a marathon at the South Pole. Their workout gear is great. Apropos of nothing, it’s very cold here in Minnesota and while running (which I still despise) I have been experimenting with a third sock.

Today’s links: F.

Video: Bon Iver’s workout plan

OK, everyone loves linking to a good hard body video. But I can’t help myself. How Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon stays (gets?) in shape. (The guy has a decent turnaround jumper?)

Video: I think this animation (called Mound) is scientifically designed to freak you out

After about :20 seconds of Allison Schulnik’s experimental animation video “Mound”, it starts getting a little weird. In a good way. (I soiled my underwear. In fear.)