Links for December 27, 2011: Music and geography and cultural devolution and mob rule and mob cash and pixel fireplaces and cello scrotum and vodka

by Josh Kimball

Music: Richard Florida wrote a piece examining the geography of 2011’s music. Eau Claire, Wisconsin (home of Bon Iver) has the highest number of hits per-capita. Minneapolis doesn’t even make a blip. No kings. [eyeteeth]

Culture: Also! I’ve been meaning to link to this for a long time, but referenced in the above article was a piece by Kurt Anderson from Vanity Fair that argued that culture has devolved over the past 20 years.

Shopping: There were some terrible quasi-riots at the Mall of America today, a 20-person fight in the north food court that got 9 people arrested. Ugh.

The flip side: Cash Mobs organize people to shop locally, without any tangible benefit for the group. (Seems like the Carrot Mob idea — exchanging a certain amount of business for a sustainability promise — would work better, long run.) [notrobwalker]

Hot!: This pixel Fireplace application may be of great use to you this New Year’s Eve. From waxy.

Burning question: Is cello scrotum real?

Fire!: Long ago, I linked to this awesome collection of Indian matchbox covers. Today, I link to this awesome collection of Japanese matchbox covers. Tomorrow? I probably won’t find any more cool matchbox covers. Have I mentioned that should I ever get a tattoo, it will be a modified version of this Indian matchbox?

FACT. [coudal]

Music: Stereogum has aggregated the 10 most NSFW music videos of the year! The sad thing is, I couldn’t get myself interested enough to watch a single one of them all the way through. Is that a commentary on the videos, our culture or my aging id? Anyone?

Lastly: Who wants some Flava Flav vodka? Hemp juice, bubblegum and grape flavors to roll out in 2012. It’s going to be a hell of a year!

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