Links for January 7, 2012: This space unintentionally left blank

by Josh Kimball

Funereal: “Poland is the European superpower of coffin production.” A good read on how Polish coffins are made from the Financial Times (it might require you to register if you haven’t before; sorry).

Furthermore: Live! I see dead people is a tumblr dedicated to photoshopping deceased band members out of old album covers. [notnoisepollution]

Fashion: This photo gallery of personalized bomber jackets is fairly awesome. Cooler than one might imagine after reading that dry-ass intro. Joshua! Step it the fuck up! [mefi]

Furthermore: Van Halen sneakers. I hope they have good ankle support, given all the jumping. [coudal]

Movies: Stanley Kubrick animated gifs. They are called essential, but I think they can be lived without. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy looking at them for 3 seconds, though.

Flipping: SEQINTEC, a kickstarter project that sought to bring REVERSE SUNGLASSES to the people, was recently funded! Barely! REVERSE SUNGLASSES!

Fitness: The New York Times Magazine issues a lengthy takedown of modern yoga, saying it’s dangerous for a large proportion of those now attempting it. I’ve been wanting to take some yoga classes at a local hippie yoga joint, but the most suitable class is a “men’s yoga night,” which strikes me as really creepy? And hairy?

Local: Forbes ran an article about how Twin Cities-based Best Buy is experiencing a slow demise. Best Buy’s CEO responds. The mustache makes a strong statement.

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