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Month: January, 2012

Video: A Russian crow tubing down a snowy roof


Links for January 7, 2012: This space unintentionally left blank

Funereal: “Poland is the European superpower of coffin production.” A good read on how Polish coffins are made from the Financial Times (it might require you to register if you haven’t before; sorry).

Furthermore: Live! I see dead people is a tumblr dedicated to photoshopping deceased band members out of old album covers. [notnoisepollution]

Fashion: This photo gallery of personalized bomber jackets is fairly awesome. Cooler than one might imagine after reading that dry-ass intro. Joshua! Step it the fuck up! [mefi]

Furthermore: Van Halen sneakers. I hope they have good ankle support, given all the jumping. [coudal]

Movies: Stanley Kubrick animated gifs. They are called essential, but I think they can be lived without. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy looking at them for 3 seconds, though.

Flipping: SEQINTEC, a kickstarter project that sought to bring REVERSE SUNGLASSES to the people, was recently funded! Barely! REVERSE SUNGLASSES!

Fitness: The New York Times Magazine issues a lengthy takedown of modern yoga, saying it’s dangerous for a large proportion of those now attempting it. I’ve been wanting to take some yoga classes at a local hippie yoga joint, but the most suitable class is a “men’s yoga night,” which strikes me as really creepy? And hairy?

Local: Forbes ran an article about how Twin Cities-based Best Buy is experiencing a slow demise. Best Buy’s CEO responds. The mustache makes a strong statement.

Today’s links: F.

Video: The Rapper Supercut Spelling Bee

Lots of rappers. Spelling.

Video: Headband pulses with the beat of your heart

Video: Taiwanese garbage trucks play music

Video: Iron and Wine’s “Godless Brother in Love” video

“It kind of reminds me of a Levi commercial.” – YouTube commenter.

The song itself is strangely centerless! Like THE WORLD ITSELF!

Video: A MUSICAL airport walkway

OK, my skills in Dutch are rusty, at best. But I believe this Me-lo-dy “suitcase symphony” walkway is being positioned as the melodic alternative to taking the moving sidewalk.

Close inspection of the video, however, reveals the walkway to sound like one of those croaking frogs you rub a stick along the back of. This conversation is over.