Links for February 2012: Mini guns! Uncle Con! Snowgrade! Tami Taylor!

by Josh Kimball


First of all, thank you to Videogum for drawing my attention to this wonderful collection of pinup girls with Robert Downey, Jr.’s face painted on them.

Firearms: These miniature guns — the size of matchsticks — actually work! Can you imagine teaming up with a hunting dog puppy to chase a tiny, baby pheasant around with this miniature weapon? ADORABLE! [mefi]

Family: Local writer Andrea Swensson interviewed Conrad Sverkerson, long-time stage manager of Minneapolis rock club First Avenue and longer-time uncle. As I mentioned in a brief tumblr post, I’m always amazed that people are intimidated by Con! (For those of you who have never met me in real life, I am a terrifying combination of stony stoicism and unforgiving hellfire.)

Hip-hop: Check out Pop Chart Lab’s Magnificent Map of Rap Names (if you haven’t previously).

Local: Snowgrade, a pop-up shopping event for men who like the whole handade, American made thing opens its doors this weekend. Which is lucky for me, since I have been looking for a pair of leather underwear upcycled from saddles taken off of old burros. Each with its own story to tell. The saddle. And the burro. (And the underwear.)

Question: Is Pinterest everything that is wrong with the internet? Or is even ASKING if ANYTHING is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the internet what’s wrong with the internet? But really, is a platform that has even people with an extraordinarily liberal stance toward what copyright can and should do scratching their heads in bemusement a sustainable option? Funny side story. I’m terrible at the visual parts of Pinterest. But I think I can kind of kill it on the captions. Best regards.

Art: To be honest, I don’t even really know what this means. But I guess that is the key to great art? Check out  Chris Elzinga’s gimpressionism, paintings of gimps walking through the forest. [laughing squid]

Texas forever: Pour yourself a big ol’ glass of Chardonnay and read this post from the Hairpin on the sighting of one Connie Britton, one TAMI TAYLOR.