Links for February 23, 2012: Visual mixtapes! Inside-out stuffed animals! Mushroom Death Suits!

by Josh Kimball

Animals: See above for the brilliant Atelier Volvox project “Outsiders,” which entails turning stuffed animals inside out. If this doesn’t make you think about the nature of perception and self-perception, I don’t know what will. (Also, it would be cool if they’d do this with food. Huh?)

Imagery: These “visual mixtapes” of some of Noa Emberson’s favorite albums are out-and-out gorgeous.

Shrooms: In something called the Infinity Burial Project, Jae Rhim Lee is training fungi to decompose her body. The Mushroom Death Suit is a special outfit that will be embedded with the spores of the trained fungi. Look, this is some out-there cool circle-of-life shit that I can’t even begin to explain in this tiny space.

Recommendation: Bureau of Trade sends out some great e-mails of well-curated man things. [pocketmonsterd]

Eats: LOCAL Minneapolis artist Brock Davis does tiny, little sculptures with food. For instance, Rice Krispyhenge.

Indented: Inner Message Rings have patterns on the inside that leave temporary marks on the skin. Think hearts. Think words. I joked about this in some other echo chamber, but I believe Under Armour should jump on this — maybe with TEAM LOGOS — and run! [laughingsquid]

Fashion: A question for the fashionable readers of this blog – can a man of, say, 37 years old, wear some kind of modified, winter, 1960s throwback Tyrolean hat? While not looking like Robin Hood, of course. Or a pimp. This is a CHALLENGE. Also, how about Russian divers’ watches? A little help?

Today’s links: I kind of killed it today, people. I kind of fucking CRUSHED IT.