Links for February 25, 2012: The Badgermin, rock deaths, magical secrets!

Instruments: It’s pretty much impossible for me not to link to The Badgermin, a combination badger-that’s-been-made-into-taxidermy and theremin. In fact, this kind of thing is the very reason the listenerd exists today. Well, this and a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Yes, what you are reading is the verdant future you’ve long been promised. (All that last part is complete bullshit.)

Booze: You can buy wine at White Castle now. You may find this strange to hear, but White Castle has long been on the forefront of experimental marketing and product-mix best practices. TRUTH.

Death: Just Passing Through offers interested readers pictures of boring places where rock stars passed away. Show me a place where future rock stars WILL die, THEN we have something. [pop loser]

Cold: Terje Isungset makes musical instruments out of ice.

Mashups: For all you dubstep fans out there, I know you’ll appreciate this video of dubstep violin.

Magic: Teller actually gives some decent tricks of the magician’s trade in this article from the Smithsonian. For instance, keep the trickery outside the frame. And, to fool the mind, combine at least two tricks. Of course, this whole article could be some sort of sleight of hand?

Retail: Ransack New York is, SORT OF like many others, trying to make backstory a boon. They’re selling used goods with a sheen of cool for premium prices. For instance, you can buy a semi-vintage, blood-splattered Budweiser shirt for just $48.

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