Good week for Screenshots of Despair

by Josh Kimball

I started a tumblr awhile ago called Screenshots of Despair. It was inspired by serendipitous sightings of ennui-inducing automated social media messages, along with Rob Walker’s Gallery of Default Anonymity. After a couple dozen pics had been gathered, Rob (feels weird to use his first name; we’ve never met) wrote up an excellent analysis/explanation of the mini-project for Design Observer

Since mid-last week, thousands of people have started following the tumblr, many more have come to the site or tweeted about it and it’s gotten shout-outs from a ton of people and media outlets I respect. (Also, I’ve had to think a lot more critically about ennui, the modern human condition, and the interface of man and machine??)

Consider this a thanks to Rob for nudging this idea into being, as well as a shout out for examples of this idea captured in the wild.