By day I am Josh Kimball of Saint Paul, Minnesota, executive editor of a firm that reports on consumer and cultural trends. By all other hours I am the listenerd. Except from 11pm to 5am weekdays.

What is here encompassed:
*the interplay of music and technology (known in some circles as music 2.0)
*social media, media discovery, recommendation and anticipation engines
*videos taken of old phonographs, gramophones, cassette players and 8-tracks as they play music
*The Black Eyed Peas
*matters tangential to those listed above
*all other matters of interest to me

What is here not encompassed:
*inconsequential matters
*matters uninteresting

Also, I would like you all to know that this site is, and always will be, optimized for maximum incontinence.

Contactual obligations: josh [dot] kimball [at] gmail [dot]com

Also: Twitter.