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Links plus ultra: SpiralFrog, Bridwell’s beard, wusses + more

*Free, ad-supported music service SpiralFrog finally launches, after much pain. [AdAge]

*LAist once again brings the hate down on BEARDS. This time, surly, camera-hating, Wal-mart loving Band of Horses front man Ben Bridwell is the target of their ill-placed ire.

*Blender calls out music’s 25 Biggest Wusses. I don’t know, man. Natalie Merchant seems kind of grimly tough.

*Concerts in Second Life suck. Especially if you have to sit through a set by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

Tech / tunes links 8.8.07 – If you find yourself falling apart

*SpiralFrog, who’s had a rough run, says they’re read to go live, and will offer free ad-supported music downloads sometime this year. Beta has launched. [via]
*The 25 best opening lyrics. Highlight: “Go, shorty! It’s your birthday.” [via]
*Hip-hop violin by Paul Dateh. (Still, he’s no Miri Ben-Ari.)
*The RIAA spent $658,000 on lobbying in the first half of this year. [via]
*Video interview with Fake Steve Jobs Daniel Lyons. Preceded by a way-annoying number of commercials.
*The Freakonomics blog has been snatched up by the New York Times. (This as it’s become apparent that Forbes will swallow the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Also, Treehugger, which is a little different deal, was recently purchased by Discovery.) Interesting in that in my (admittedly know-nothing) opinion, the Freakonomics blog has been awful for the past 6+ months. I consider taking it out of my feed reader about every other day.
*Minesweeper: The Movie. [via]

If Prince really wanted to blow people’s minds:

He has a SCENT.
He has a CD.

Why did Prince not release a SCENTED CD (scratch and sniff) for FREE via a NEWSPAPER?

Steal this idea too, if you must, QLOUD. Or Prince.

Tech / Tunes links 7.17.07 – Too Many Jam Jars

*ScrobblePad: OOOh. A scrobbler for OS X that lists iTunes and iPods song info on at the same time. [via]
*METAL: Buy recordings of live Metallica concerts. Don’t steal them.
*ReVoice Singtones lets you karaoke your own ringtones. It also uses voice enhancement, so you can sound just like your favorite pop star. [via] Related: Google launching ringtone search?
*Borders to make it easier for tech-challenged old people (WHOM HE CLASSIFIES AS 35 AND OVER) to fill their mobile media devices. Like a genius loading bar for content. [via]
*Check out the Prince 07/07/07 line at MNStories.
*Miniblog consolidation: post to Pownce, Twitter, Jaiku and Tumblr all at once. (Admission: I have accounts with all of these services.)
*Starbucks is bringing exclusive content to market through iTunes. [via]
*Music blogs by the man: Usually late, rarely embedding video. Good luck.
*TechCrunch covers Jamendo – they offer DRM-free music by artists publishing under Creative Commons licenses. Business model undetermined (scary!), but TC speculates that they’ll be an Imeem competitor, with artists sharing in ad revenues.

Tech / Tunes links 7.16.07 – The Non-Talibeard Edition

*The internet radio royalty compromise requires mandatory DRM for net broadcasters? [via] Also: A handy FAQ on the ‘net broadcasting question from Digital Music News.
*Deathwatch on ringtone revenues – single-digit gains projected over the next few years, and a drop by 2011. (There’s better, and better priced, mobile content out there now, including video, real songs, casual and non-casual games, etc.) [via]
*The Association for Downloadable Media – Apple and a bunch of podcasters; trying to figure out how to make money from podcasting. [via]
*The Beastie Boys enforced a late-1950s office dress code while at work on their latest album, The Mix-Up. They did, however, have casual Fridays. But you had to wear super old-school sneeks. No lie.
*The Guitar Hero-at-the-bar phenomenon continues. Just wait for Rock Band to roll out.
*The WSJ on Iraqi pop music: “The most recent addition to the Iraqi pop scene is Akhlad Raouf, who sings about power outages, fuel shortages and paying bribes, often using the music of Western performers for tongue-in-cheek effect.”
*Forbes on the power of music pickers for television shows like Grey’s Anatomy.
*Gizmodo shows how to control iTunes from your iPhone.
*Google patent: listening to you and the ambient noise around you, then guessing what you’ll search for. Cool? Freaky?

More commercial tunes sites

From the advertiser heavy (so meta!), and usually annoying getTrio newsletter:

Hand Coding: A music-in-commercials thread that started in 2002 and continues to this day, 2,423 comments later.

Other music/ad sites reffed: Music from TV Commercials (nice charts!) and What’s That Called?.

Ad-supported music site proof of concept

Build your own DIY, ad-supported music site by pulling pop tunes set to commercials off YouTube.

If listeners are already giving some of their at attention to ads, why not have the pitch playing in the background for the entirety of the song? (Seems sorta like what RCRD LBL is doing, sans the YouTube bit and videos, of course.)

The very start of this fake, legal, ad-supported music site:
Cat Power
Iron & Wine
Of Montreal
Mates of State

Like Hype Machine, but way more legal and limited! (I spared you the web real estate of embedding all those vids, but the one-click access would be better.) Also: ran across AdTunes in the course of this; great site for music in commercials.

T-mobile dipping into ad-supported tunes

From New Media Age: T-mobile is piloting an ad-supported service in the UK that will offer downloads of music videos for free, accompanied by 15-second ad clips. [via]

Also, imeem and Snocap are offering an ad-supported music scheme of their own. If imeem doesn’t have permission to screen a tune, a 30-second ad will precede it. [via] Sounds like a big, fat pain in the ass.

More ad-supported something

UK indie label will make it’s catalog (which includes Bloc Party!) available to We7 for ad-supported download by consumers. We7, if you have forgotten since last week, attaches demographically targeted ads to music files.

Nice to see more music available free and legal, but I still prefer Hype Machine, I guess…