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Art: Gnarls Barkley depicted in CORN

Local Minneapolis alt/mainstream rag has, in the grand tradition of the Minnesota State Fair, commissioned a seed art rendering of Gnarls Barkley, who is slated to play a show at the grandstand this Wednesday. Created by Elizabeth Schreiber (and captured via wilhelmina_wonka’s flickr photostream), the piece depicts Mr. Lo and Mr. Mouse in dyed and painted corn kernels, in poses reminiscent of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic.”

(Semi-related: I snapped some kernel art (including Elvis) at the State Fair last year.)

Video: David Byrne walks thru Playing the Building

David Byrne has made a building into a musical instrument for an installation called Playing the Building. In this video, he walks some dude from through his creation. It’s worth watching. Warning: the Pitchfork guy is bald.

Video: David Garibaldi paints while “Stronger” plays

His ideas about RSS feeds may be off, but the guy runs an otherwise damn good blog.

For the metalheads: skull made of heavy metal cassettes

1980s cassette tapes from the likes of Judas Priest and Motley Crue have been melted down by an artist named Brian Dettmer to form an INCREDIBLY LIFELIKE human skull.

Approximately 1000X better than cassette tape buckles.
[BB Gadgets]

The Secret Arch

The local (not that execrable): Coming September 8 to the Soap Factory is The Secret Arch, a PostSecret-like sound installation that allows people to speak whispered messages into one side of the arch, recording, then randomly playing those messages throughout the month-and-a-half of the installation.

It sounds like high heels and artsy whispering, but for this highlight: “One time I taped my brother up in a refrigerator box and pushed him down the stairs. It was awesome.”
[Networked Music Review]