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Blogging about some blogs from the day job. Blog.

I have a day job (FOR NOW). I don’t write about it all that often on the ‘nerd, but it takes up kind of a lot of time. Also, it helps pay for food. And healthcare.

Anyway, a couple of things happening at said day job (for Iconoculture – a cultural and consumer trend research firm) may be of interest to regular listenerd readers.

1) We’re now pushing our weekly newsletter – which offers a taste of Iconoculture content – through an online publication (call it a blog if you REALLY WANT to). Check it out here. You will see Never Greens. And hangover-free red wine. And other such interesting things.

2) Iconoculture has a partnership with a local business publication, Twin Cities Business, through which we publish some stuff on a blog called Culture Capture. Unfortunately for all parties, if you go to the front page of their site and wait for a while, you may have to see a HUGE picture of the author rotate through.

I’m bald, everyone. Really bald. I can’t say with 100% assurance that there hasn’t been some hair photoshopping done to this picture. You know? Sorry.

Wait a second. Did I just blog about blogs? Ugh.


Off topic: On my arch enemy

I think Josh Kimball the surfing photographer must have paid Google to disappear the listenerd. Because it is nowhere to be found. And for this, he must pay.

That is all. Now back to YouTube.

Pity the laptop, its forced embrace of the human form

The ‘nerd is not dead, he is only working 85 hours a week. Will return strong next week with 250 links and the roar of 500 dragons.

Until then, we will not be destroyed.