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They Fork so you don’t have to

The ‘Fork festival is going on in Chicago, and a bunch of bloggers went. You, probably, did not go. Me neither. Now I am reading the aforementioned bloggers’ roundups (and rounding them up myself). So you don’t have to. (I like the part about the dragons!!!)

ListeNerd Maxim: The amount you have to do will steadily decrease until you are dead. Onward.

*Byron Crawford – On Cat Power: “I realized it’s hardly a revelation to note that someone who works part time as a model looks really impressive, but she does.”
*Stereogum – On Clipse: “Hipster’s choice for coke-rap record of the year Hell Hath No Fury has its anthems, and we got ’em yesterday.”
*More Cowbell – On getting there late and missing Sonic Youth: “We didn’t reach our destination until around 10pm, and our hosts for the weekend weren’t home yet. We sat in a parking garage and ate processed powdered and chocolate donuts, ok?”
*Muzzle of Bees – On Dan Deacon: “The madness made people climb trees, press were clamoring to the tops of fences to get decent pictures, all while Dan politely begged for a little more room so he could ‘rock louder than four hundred dragons.'”

Tech / Tunes links 7.12.07 – The Capitulating Corporate Drone Edition

*AdTunes on Wilco’s deal with VW.
*Check out The Number of Da Boots – Iron Maiden Bootleg Compilation. [via]
*Pandora quotes Mos Def and podcats on hip-hop rhyme schemes.
*The ListeNerd promises a full recovery when the corporateness temporarily wears off again – some time tomorrow.

Local: On the Prince show

More Cowbell on the Prince show at First Ave this morning (summary: everyone was tired). The cops eventually had to stop the purple after 12 hours.

All for the love of music? No. For hometown nostalgia? No. For a smell. YES. Prince is launching a 3121 fragrance. (Warning: insane vizzies and super-loud music in previous link.)

Tech / tunes links 7.6.07 – The Proto-Beatles’ 50th Anniversary Edition

*While p2p filesharing traffic for music has remained flat, BitTorrent use for p2ping video – movies and television shows – is on the rise, with up to a 66% year-over-year jump. Explanations offered: (1) p2p music market is saturated; (2) people are being driven to more consumer-friendly legal options for music. [via]
*Have you ever wanted to pepper a music scene micro celebrity with questions in a public forum? Here’s your chance.
*I am required by contract to pass this Fake Steve Jobs link about the music industry on. [via everybody] Also, Walter Mossberg says to pass on this one. OK, I’m done.
*A couple more Apple things: (1) They’re introducing “Next Big Thing” albums – indie-music albums that will cost less than previous flat-rate albums; $6 and $7. [via] (2) They’ve patented a click-wheel cellphone.
*NEwind: A Cantata For Voice Tape & Testimony is a multimedia opera about the end of South African apartheid. It uses clips and images from recorded testimonies from torturers and torture victims, as well as music composed around the audio samplings. (NY Mag) [via]
*The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne on music festival-going: “If you’ve been up taking acid all night, you’re just getting to sleep at 6. It can be a struggle. Then there’s always the going to the bathroom at the Porta-John. My main suggestion would be, if it’s Porta-John stuff, just don’t eat very much.” [via]
*HBO CTO on rebranding DRM: Digital Consumer Enablement. Alphabet soup.
*I, for one, welcome our new avatar overlords.

Tech / tunes links 7.5.07 – The National Workaholics Day Edition

*iTunes Music Festival, a month-long slate of concerts at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts that includes Paul McCartney, Editors, Amy Winehouse, The Go! Team and more, marks an Apple flirtation with record label territory. They’ll record concert performances and sell them online, just as eMusic and others have been doing. [via]
*All kinds of cool FoxyTunes stuff: Music 2.0 dude Jason H. is using FoxyTunes (and TwittyTunes) to Twitter DJ (it is a strange priesthood indeed, who even knows what that phrase means). The Twitter DJ page allows twitterers to recommend and post music from Twitter. What, no Pownce?
*Mashable also reports that FoxyTunes is releasing an upgrade, and that its Signatunes will let users add songs to their blogs or e-mails (like an e-mail ringtone echoing what you’re currently listening to). Haven’t tried it yet, but it works with Worpress, so I’ll give it a whirl.
*TechDirt asks whether it’s copyright infringement to simply embed an infringing YouTube video on your blog. And whether copyright holders will try to crack down on it.
*Quiltsryche: “Evil Rock Quilts” – for your Heavy Metal living room. [via]
* puts twitter on an iPhone like interface. What, no Pownce? Again? [via]
*With a huge boost from Facebook, iLike claims to be the fastest-growing digital music service. (Whatever that means, but sure.) iLike’s CEO: “Comparing the Facebook platform to (MySpace) widgets is like comparing the emergence of mammals to dinosaurs.” [via]

Tech / tunes links 7.2.07 – The Jesusphone Hangover Edition

*Rocketsurgeon’s Music 2.0 directory is growing out and up; now has news feeds.
*Some iPhone stats: Through the weekend, Apple sold up to 500,000 phones for about $300M, at a profit of at least 20%. [via] Rumor’s also been floating that Nintendo’s soon going to develop iPhone games and sell them through iTunes.
*Also: to the blogosphere the lovechild of Miranda July and David Cross would look like this.
*You can now put Pownce on Facebook (what, they couldn’t work in an iPhone angle somewhere?). Figure out how here.
*Webcast concerts: A recent T.I., Twista, and Lupe Fiasco MySpace concert drew 330,000 MySpace viewers. Over 300k people for a webcast? (Side note: God, I hate WebEx.) I wonder how long the averaged people watched. T.I. has 1.7 million friends. [via]
*Universal doesn’t want a long-term deal with iTunes; they might opt for short-term sales agreements. [WSJ link]
*(Totally tangential): Armageddon. Looks like we’re effed.
*Tales of a metaverse aesthete: A self-described “fat, bald guy” who specializes in meticulously crafting avatars.

Tech / tunes links 7.1.07 – The July Kick-Off Edition

*CNN Money on content – and especially mobile content – crossing platforms. “Buy Once, Play Anywhere” [via]
*Yahoo! Music Videos will now bore Facebookers right in the white-collar social network. They’ll bring users music videos based on the songs and artists in their profiles and those of their friends. [via]
*Tickets by text. ShopText lets music fans buy concert tickets via text mesage for The Knitting Factory, in addition to buying stuff from a bunch of girlie magazines. Doesn’t look like there are other venues right now.
*Attendio = another entry in the dizzying widget world. Display what concert you’re planning on attending on your MySpace page or blog, and your pals can buy tix thru the widge. [via]

(Local) Concert YouTubes

The Star Tribune, an absolutely wretched publication with little or no redeeming value and an execrable registration policy pulls together a decent collection of YouTube performance (and other) videos of local bands. Highlights include Husker Du on a local morning talk show and Tapes ‘N Tapes at Noise Pop.

Husker Du on the morning talk show Good Company in 1986:

Smoke on the Water…

1,683 “guitar players” playing Smoke on the Water, all at the same time.

Otherwise known as a living hell. Spoiler alert: It sounds no better or worse than one or two guitars playing SotW.

Social concert intermissions?

Recordings of concert intermissions: Favorite Intermissions: Before and Between Beethoven, Stravinsky, Holst [via BB]

I would love to see a social site harvesting grass-roots postings of Mp3’s of intermissions between sets of indie rock acts. With geotagging. And pictures. Please.