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Video: Bon Jovi covers Duffy’s “Mercy”

If music were linguistics, this would be Esperanto. (No idea.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Links for 9.8.07: internet addiction, MP3 shrinking, Rap Snacks, and oil tanker operas

*Remember when I said I might be addicted to the internet? It’s worse than OCD. Additionally, I may also have mild OCD.
*Would you like to see an opera on an oil tanker in Brooklyn?
*Norah Jones covers The Arcade Fire.
*RipRoar lets DIY movie-makers shoot their own green screen scenes for $130. If I could still get away with saying “We are all nerds now,” I would say it. [Shiny Shiny]
*ShrinkMyTunes is a $40 Windows-only app that can shrink MP3s to half their original size. Windows-only app. Heh. UGH. [Wired]
*Apophenia on “Controlling Your Public Appearance” – this is why I started blogging.
*Music and food: 1) Lil Romeo has purchased RAP SNACKS. [Getty Images] 2) Rringles?

Banhart’s “Don’t Look Back in Anger”

A video (supposedly the winner of a fan-made vid contest held by Engine Room Recordings) created for Devendra Banhart’s cover of Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger” from the Guilt By Association album (which I mentioned previously, and which spawned the Petra Haden-meets-Journey fried egg vid I linked to yesterday).

Tech / tunes links 8.17.07 – Edification at your fingertips

*eMusic is still number two in song downloads, with 150 million sold. [via]
*Via everywhere: MTV to pour $500M into games.
*The CD is 25 years old today? [via]
*Petra Haden’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” from the album of indie singers covering their musical guilty pleasures I wrote about yesterday. The video is fantastic, and includes a woman dressed as a fried egg. [via]
*Apparently, every year Second Life has a big Burning Man celebration of its own, Burning Life. [via]
*Mr. Hopkinson’s Computer sings a Pixies song with a live band. [via]
*Read this interview with the dudes from “The Flight of the Conchords.” [via]
*Mashable reports that music sharing and discovery site Grooveshark will launch its beta version later this month. They’ll be rewarding people for community upkeep: fix song tags, earn more than just good karma (though I’m guessing not cold cash).
*Where Are They Now, starring the swimming baby from that one Nirvana album cover and other child album-cover stars. [via Getty Images]

Animatronic band update: Now with 100% more pants-peeing

Great news on the animatronic band front: Having yesterday highlighted a Chuck E. Cheese band modded to play hip-hop, it has today come to our attention that said band has also been known to cover tunes that are a bit more Fergalicious.

But can it be modded for onstage incontinence? What follows is Fergie’s “London Bridge.”

Cello. Is it me you’re looking for?

I have been informed that the musical forebears of the previously posted Harptallica are Apocalypto, a cello metal band that has been known to on occasion tear into a stringed out Metallica cover.

Apocalyptica here covers Metallica’s “One” (it starts ripping around the 2:00 mark).

Top 100 Cover Songs

Perhaps insipired by our recent posting of a cover of Europe’s The Final Countdown or perhaps by Poison’d, an album of cover songs from hair-glam gods Poison, the New York Post offers up its version of the top 100 cover songs of all time.

The list includes web fave Jonathan Coulton at #2 (with “Baby Got Back”), the Postal Service’s version of Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds,” Cat Power’s “Satisfaction,” and Ted Leo’s take on Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.”

MP3s of some of the covers here.

What is EQUALLY interesting, though, is the revelation that my beloved Black Eyed Peas have recorded a cover of John Lennon’s (WHO WAS ONCE A BEATLE) “Power to the People” for an Amnesty International fundraiser.

And here it is. (Please recall that my reverence for the Peas is based on my belief in their REVERSE GENIUS – their incredible ability to transcend the awful and achieve the sublime. Just go with it, people.)


They Forked so we don’t have to. Again.

Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam (WHO HAS A GREAT BEARD) covers Radiohead’s “No Surprises” at Pitchfork. [via]

OK Computer Tribute – OKX

Stereogum (who I have recently ripped on greatly for sucking since becoming Musical Candy), has put together OKX, a Radiohead tribute album celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the release of OK Computer.

The album features covers of every original track, including tunes by Cold War Kids, My Brightest Diamond, and John Vanderslice.

Is this the sort of thing RCRD LBL has planned?

In other cover news, from Rocketsurgeon: Secondhand Songs – a massive database of covers, including who has been covering whom.