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Video: The Evolution of Dance 2

770k views? Call me when you hit 85 bazillion, please.


(I have no clue.)


Video: The NPR Dancers

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Video: Censored nude dance party

From College Humor: Fun with black bars, including an artfully animated representation of Pong. [the deets]

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Video: Digital Randy Moss does the Soulja Boy on Madden

OK. This is long. But if you fast forward to the last 20 seconds you can see Randy Moss do the Soulja Boy.

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Video: Chinese MC Hammer [must watch]

HOLY SHIT. Must watch. (Unless you’re his mom?)


Video: DANCE! Le Tabarnak

It’s not the Soulja Boy, but it will get me by for a while.

Additionally: On the meaning of tabarnak.


Video: Breakdancing nativity featured in Virgin Mobile ad

A Virgin Mobile commercial featuring a breakdancing nativity scene. [neatorama]

Video: Killer James Brown instructional dance video

The once-per-quarter reason to stay subscribed to Very Short List comes late this year.

Video: Salsa Celtica


Video: Classical Russian army dance

Pretty awesome.


BET’s Soulja Boy “Crank Dat” dance off

Remember when I said I wouldn’t be talking about that whole YouTube Soulja Boy thing anymore? Can we forget about that for a minute?

BET is holding a Soulja Boy dance-off. Please see rules and upload your video here (by October 17). And don’t forget to share your Soulja Boy cranking with the Listenerd. Thank you.

Video: Halo as performed by Swedish ballet dancers

The Royal Swedish Ballet practices an intepretation of the videogame Halo.

[Halo Concert]

Also: Kotaku has a very nice video that I could not find in an easily embeddable format.

Tech / tunes links 8.15.07 – The Imposter

*I like the Crank That jumbotron – a LOT. (This is how I dance after 4.5 martinis.) Also, who even watches one YouTube vid at a time anymore? For me, it’s 3 simultaneously, minimum.
*EMI outsources its marketing to Saatchi & Saatchi.
*Nine Inch Nails’ new album Year Zero may be turned into a television series.
*The soundtrack for “The Darjeeling Limited,” Wes Anderson’s new movie, has been partially revealed. (I had no idea that cinematic soundtrack sleuthing was so competitive!)
*Virtual world creator Doppelganger scores $11M in venture capital funding. When I visited the Virtual Lower East Side (very early on), many more than half the “players” bumbling around in there were employed by either the VLES creators or the $ men. [via]
*Crave brings us this wonder: a Speak & Spell modded to work with an iPod.
*The New York Times writes about cellphone concert promotions; how text messaging and the Always On mentality have changed concerts. Band of Horses must be PISSED. Also: The article mentions the possibility of a Beyonce-themed phone…
*Live Nation is widgetizing. Bloggers and Facebookers will be able to put the LN widget on their page, where peeps can find concert info and buy tix from it. [via]
*Explore Dan Deacon’s soundboard – keyboards, mixers, huge glasses, a big gut and a shitload of buzzes, beeps and neon. Also: B(5). [via]

The Zwinky Dance

Ypulse correctly notes that Zwinky avatars have zero funk. (Admission: this is exactly how I dance. But only after 3 martinis.)