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Tech / tunes links 8.29.07 – Ne plus ultra

*Big Nokia week: They rolled out an internet services arm called Ovi (which means “door” in Finnish, I guess), they revived the N-Gage, they finally officially announced that they’re opening a music store in key Euro markets, they launched a new music phone, the N81, and their U.S. version of the N95 is getting raves.

The Financial Times has a Nokia strategy analysis, with this line being especially fun: “The era of deferring to mobile operators may be over.” [via + everyone else]

*Hello, awesome! Live Stage: Tomato Quintet – “A night of tomato music.” Using CO2 from ripening tomatoes, a chef, a musician and an artist will “sonify” 7 days of tomato ripening into 49 minutes of musical wonder. [via]
*The Hollywood Reporter talks to eMusic’s CEO, David Pakman. [via]
*Arson at Burning Man. With lovely LOL mug shot.
*Harvey Pekar does an Anthony Bourdain comic. [via]
*Soundcrank, a music sharing service that works with iTunes, is WIDGETIZING. I’ll be honest; music widgets are wearing me down. [via]
*The Zune needs some fans. Please help.
*Best Music Writing of 2007? I’m linking to a list of links, which will lead you eventually to something worth reading. (This, in case you were wondering, is Advanced Theory of the Internet 244.)
*Totally non-musical and anti-technological, but needs to be mentioned: Crocs moves beyond SHOE THINGS, launches clothing line. [via]


Tech / tunes links 8.17.07 – Edification at your fingertips

*eMusic is still number two in song downloads, with 150 million sold. [via]
*Via everywhere: MTV to pour $500M into games.
*The CD is 25 years old today? [via]
*Petra Haden’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” from the album of indie singers covering their musical guilty pleasures I wrote about yesterday. The video is fantastic, and includes a woman dressed as a fried egg. [via]
*Apparently, every year Second Life has a big Burning Man celebration of its own, Burning Life. [via]
*Mr. Hopkinson’s Computer sings a Pixies song with a live band. [via]
*Read this interview with the dudes from “The Flight of the Conchords.” [via]
*Mashable reports that music sharing and discovery site Grooveshark will launch its beta version later this month. They’ll be rewarding people for community upkeep: fix song tags, earn more than just good karma (though I’m guessing not cold cash).
*Where Are They Now, starring the swimming baby from that one Nirvana album cover and other child album-cover stars. [via Getty Images]

Tech / Tunes links 7.30.07 – In Holy Rattlesnakes

*Rumor: AT&T makes a deal with eMusic; users would be able to download 5 songs for $7.50 per month. [via]
*Code names for upcoming Microsoft Zune versions: Scorpio and Draco. (SO METAL-AWESOME.)
*YouTube will supposedly have it’s copyright-protecting automatic anti-infringement technology in place by September. One hater talks about how it will work.
*Rob Walker, the possibly partially brain damaged writer of the New York Times Magazine‘s Consumed column makes it around to the Buddha Box several years late. Consumed’s apparent M.O.: Lukewarm analysis of stone-cold cultural phenomenon. (It’s a shame because the column has potential. Maybe dude should have stuck with critiquing ads on Slate?)
*Ann Coulter on Rage Against the Machine: “They’re losers, their fans are losers.” But what does she think of the Black Eyed Peas?
*Digital Audio Insider on eMusic’s pricing and the long track (aka the Godspeed You! Black Emperor) problem.
*When children are too young for an iPod, perhaps an mp3-playing teddy bear will sate their gluttonous 3-year-old media consumption needs.
*Mark Ronson remixes Dylan. [via]
*Identification of “new” musical genre brings out the haters. Nu-gaze. (I not-so-secretly love it when people try on names for emerging – or even re-hashed – movements; nu-gaze, shoetronica. However, I hate it when Rob Walker tries to do it.)
*Hate your iPhone? Watch one get disassembled. [via]

Tech / tunes links 7.5.07 – The National Workaholics Day Edition

*iTunes Music Festival, a month-long slate of concerts at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts that includes Paul McCartney, Editors, Amy Winehouse, The Go! Team and more, marks an Apple flirtation with record label territory. They’ll record concert performances and sell them online, just as eMusic and others have been doing. [via]
*All kinds of cool FoxyTunes stuff: Music 2.0 dude Jason H. is using FoxyTunes (and TwittyTunes) to Twitter DJ (it is a strange priesthood indeed, who even knows what that phrase means). The Twitter DJ page allows twitterers to recommend and post music from Twitter. What, no Pownce?
*Mashable also reports that FoxyTunes is releasing an upgrade, and that its Signatunes will let users add songs to their blogs or e-mails (like an e-mail ringtone echoing what you’re currently listening to). Haven’t tried it yet, but it works with Worpress, so I’ll give it a whirl.
*TechDirt asks whether it’s copyright infringement to simply embed an infringing YouTube video on your blog. And whether copyright holders will try to crack down on it.
*Quiltsryche: “Evil Rock Quilts” – for your Heavy Metal living room. [via]
* puts twitter on an iPhone like interface. What, no Pownce? Again? [via]
*With a huge boost from Facebook, iLike claims to be the fastest-growing digital music service. (Whatever that means, but sure.) iLike’s CEO: “Comparing the Facebook platform to (MySpace) widgets is like comparing the emergence of mammals to dinosaurs.” [via]

eMusic mashes up its tunes with internet radio broadcasters

eMusic (my hated frenemy) is hooking up its music library with 10 internet radio services. The offerings will sync streams of internet radio stations with the eMusic catalog, and let fans download as they listen.

Who gets a piece of the eMusic pie? KEXP, Pandora, WOXY, and Bootliquor, among others. Here’s the Pandora/eMusic mashup.

eMusic is also donating money to KEXP, SomaFM and others. [via]

UPDATE: Rusty from SomaFM clarifies the relationship in the comments. (eMusic’s thing was apparently a demo, not a real deal relationship. YOU SUCK, Mashable. OK, you don’t totally suck, but still.)