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Links for 9.15.07: the iPod sucks (x2), Danzig on books, Mansinthe + more

*Apple doesn’t want anyone else playing on their iPods – cuts off Linux users. [Techmeme]

*Another way to digitally capture music now on cassettes and vinyl. [Shiny Shiny]

*Glenn Danzig talks about his book collection! Second only to the Glenn Danzig knockout in the Danzig video pantheon.

*Marilyn Manson has his own brand of absinthe, Mansinthe. [Stereogum]

*Cringely: the iPod sucks. Also, Google’s NEW plan for world domination via the 700-MHz auction.

Tech / Tunes links 8.2.07 – Upward over the mountain

*Celeb music: 74-year-old actor Michael Caine is planning on releasing release a chillout album, Cained. TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek is supposedly slated to produce a forthcoming Scarlett Johannsson album.
*Old-school bands playing concerts in album format; Rockers are playing all songs from a single album, in order. NO DEVIATIONS. MySpace property, the WSJ cites Lucinda Williams and Lou Reed as examples of the phenomenon.
*K-Fed launches a Google competitor. [via]
*TechCrunch gives its take on, another online music player.
*EMI makes a deal to sell DRM-free tracks through Puretracks. Still no definitive sales figures for DRM-free tracks via iTunes.
*“Prohibited Beatz” is a YouTube documentary (in multiple parts) about a “live electronic” group, NERVE. The MFer thread has a number of additional, similar recommendations.
*What, no YouTube video? Pristine record player made out of paper. [via Discovery]
*Let them sing it for you: An online mini-app that lets you type your text into a box, then have real rockers sing it. Like a singing computer! (They need to identify who’s doing the singing.)
*More Thump-like Bluetooth-enabled music-playing sunglasses: O Rokr.
*Spin on how a record gets leaked. [via]
*What does Prince want? An oxygen bar, black M&Ms and eternal life. [via]

Tech / Tunes links 7.31.07 – With imperfect knowledge of my own velocity

*Bee mystery clearing up? Not music, not tech, but a pet issue of mine nonetheless. Seriously; terrified. (Upshot: It might be a virus brought in by imported bees. Wohoo!) Everyone can start using those cellphones again.
*Incredibly awesome Chuck E. Cheese mod. Chuck’s animatronic band The Rockafire Explosion performs hip-hop opus “Ms. New Booty.” Must see. [via]
*The eMusic / AT&T partnership we mentioned yesterday is the real deal.
*Analyst says Google’s working on predictive search for mobile devices. (Anticipation engines!). Also 11% of Google innovation since 1999 has been telco related…
*Feces-dumping bandleader Dave Matthews signs a deal to sell one of his live CDs exclusively through Starbucks. [via] In my mind, the Matthews tour bus incident is on par with Fergie’s pants-peeing – an incidental event (which may not even be true) so inextricably linked with an artist one cannot but think of it whenever one sees or hears that person. I believe that James Hetfield’s London airport Talibeard detention (or non-detention, if Mr. Hetfield is to be believed) is making its way toward that status as well.
*The Execrable Local (kinda): Low does Daytrotter sessions. (Breaker, Violent Past, In Silence, Sandinista)
*Sasha Frere-Jones in the New Yorker on Damon Albarn’s operatic endeavours.

Tech / Tunes links 7.16.07 – The Non-Talibeard Edition

*The internet radio royalty compromise requires mandatory DRM for net broadcasters? [via] Also: A handy FAQ on the ‘net broadcasting question from Digital Music News.
*Deathwatch on ringtone revenues – single-digit gains projected over the next few years, and a drop by 2011. (There’s better, and better priced, mobile content out there now, including video, real songs, casual and non-casual games, etc.) [via]
*The Association for Downloadable Media – Apple and a bunch of podcasters; trying to figure out how to make money from podcasting. [via]
*The Beastie Boys enforced a late-1950s office dress code while at work on their latest album, The Mix-Up. They did, however, have casual Fridays. But you had to wear super old-school sneeks. No lie.
*The Guitar Hero-at-the-bar phenomenon continues. Just wait for Rock Band to roll out.
*The WSJ on Iraqi pop music: “The most recent addition to the Iraqi pop scene is Akhlad Raouf, who sings about power outages, fuel shortages and paying bribes, often using the music of Western performers for tongue-in-cheek effect.”
*Forbes on the power of music pickers for television shows like Grey’s Anatomy.
*Gizmodo shows how to control iTunes from your iPhone.
*Google patent: listening to you and the ambient noise around you, then guessing what you’ll search for. Cool? Freaky?