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Category: gramophone

Video: a hand-crank gramophone playing

It is quite SOOTHING.

Vintage: a gramophone soothingly spinning

Watch it, even with the sound on. It is incredibly SOOTHING.

Vintage: A phonograph alphabetical

Love the dramatic start of this one (A.B.C Decca. Christopher Stone. Part 1. c.1935), the early 20th-century accent of the narrator, and the unexpected alphabetizing.

The close-up vid, however, prevents it from being SOOTHING. Still, recommended, if you are looking to close your day with a touch of yesteryear.

Vintage: Gramophone (with white glove!)

LOVE the white gloves in this vintage video. They add 100% more soothingness to the proceedings, which are incredibly SOOTHING to begin with (even with the sound on!).

Vintage: a gramophone playing Edith Piaf

Though you can barely see the record spinning, it is still incredibly SOOTHING. I would recommend playing it with the SOUND ON.

Vintage audio video

An insanely soothing gramophone. Listen to this one with the sound on. Best of luck. (Nervous tension!)