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Video: P. Diddy has not changed his name

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Links for 9.21.07: Fan club cheaters, rap tv, the future of an industry +

*From the Future of Music Policy Summit, Ars Technica reports that licensing music is a pain in the ass.

*Stereogum has launched mp3 page.

*Even though I hate the Freakonomics blog, I’m linking to them (cuz I’m the bigger man?): Read their post on the future of the music industry. Lots of interesting comments.

*The WSJ reports on a concert tix controversy: Fan club members (who get special ticket treatment) are (and have long been) selling codes that allow buyers to get tickets early to non-members via eBay.

*DMC posts his commentary on MTV’s epic Celebrity Rap Superstar battle: “Sebastian [Bach] is good, he is Hip Hop!” The state of the genre.

*Timbaland will be making a guest appearance on One Life to Live. I guess hip-hop is doing alright after all.

*The local. Doomdrips: A poster series with its own blog.

*Widgets: Gruvr is another site (now with a widget!) that maps upcoming concerts in your area. Effing widgets. [Mashable]

Links for 9.19.07: Mozart sucks, Slash hates reality TV, SX deals + more

*SoundExchange inks a deal with some small webcasters – but the small internet radio stations would still have to pay a higher royalty rate on artists who aren’t SoundExchange-affiliated. More (and more coherent) commentary at Listening Post.

*Notes on the Future of Music Policy Summit from the WaPo. [Coolfer]

*The A.V. Club interviews Slash. The modest guitarist on reality television: “It has just turned into the lowest form of entertainment. It has become the kind of medium where it’s taken the human condition and exposed it to the point where there’s actually no personality left. It’s just all so commonplace now, and there’s no privacy and no mystique to anything.” [A.V. Club]

*R. Kelly says he can’t explain Trapped in the Closet, calling the project “my alien.” [Rolling Stone via MeFi]

*First Baby Einstein goes out the window, now classical music, too. A recent study says that there’s “no compelling evidence” that listening to classical music will amp kids’ cognitive development. Unless it’s Mozart’s “Leck mich im Arsch.” [Mental Floss via Grooveshark]

*The execrable local: City Pages’ local music issue, Picked to Click, is out. I haven’t read City Pages in probably a year, but I link out of sympathy.

*Hip-hop pop-ups: A brilliant site that plays hip-hop tunes and produces pop-up ads of brands mentioned as they are invoked. [Fimoculous]

*Behold: The iPod Nano embedded in a cassette tape. But has anyone yet embedded a shuffle into a first-gen iPod brick? Hello? [Crave]

Video: Sebastian Bach raps again

From Celebrity Rap Superstar, former Skid Row frontman Mr. Sebastian Bach continuing with his rapping.

I would like to thank YouTube user Cornholiobutt for his fine work and diligent efforts in uploading the clip.

Links for 9.16.07: lost hip-hop, found love songs, fakesters + more

*Mashable offers up the 20 best music applications for Facebook.

*The New York Times tells the story of Top Shelf 8/8/88, a long-lost 1980s hip-hop tape that is either real or fake. [Daily Swarm]

*Hublog lets users explore and compare musical artists’ relative popularity in different countries, infographic style. [mediaeater]

*The ultimate Magnetic Fields “69 Love Songs” online companion. [largehearted boy]

*Online Fandom on fakesters and Facebook.

*Is MTV working on its own social network? It seems like a lot of social networks exist (and that I have an empty husk of an account on 90% of them.)

The homey on the mic is Sebastian Bach

Former Skid Row rock god Sebastian Bach sings LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” on MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar. Sounds like he smoked a lot beforehand.

Here is the 8-minute version, complete with intro segments. And remember: Two kinds of humans.

Tech / tunes links 9.1.07 – Inching the night away

*The DRM-free music store at Amazon will roll out in mid-September (the NY Post says it’ll be the week of September 17), and will apparently charge $.99 for most tracks, $.89 for “emerging artists.” [NY Post]
*NBC Universal v. iTunes: NBC says they never wanted to double prices, and that their content will be up on iTunes through December. Uh boy. [Paid Content]
*Billboard on Nokia’s Ovi: “The model that Nokia introduced this week should serve as a blueprint for how to marry Internet services with mobile services.” YES. [Mediaeater]
*Q magazine tries to define and track down “perfect songs.” For some reason, they turned to Michael Stipe and John Legend for the answers, who came up with, among others: Springsteen’s “Born to Run,” the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil,” and Buckley singing “Hallelujah.” [The Set List]
*Laughing Squid points us at coverage for this year’s Beard & Moustache Championships (with most excellent pics). The BBC also reports on the most important event in facial hairdom.
*The ultra-phonograph: the ELP Laser Turntable.
*RE: Perez Hilton – It is said that one day there will be two kinds of humans.
*Justin Timberlake will be airing backstage footage of his most recent concert tour in Second Life. Insert “Dick in a Box” joke here. Nullus. (Had to.)

Tech / tunes links 8.12.07 – From brunch to eternity

*Source code for Facebook’s main index page leaked on a blog that looks like it was created expressly for the purpose of publishing the information, Facebook Secrets. According to TechCrunch, Facebook says the code got out due to a server bug, and no private info was compromised.
*Bono speaking at TED. Brought to you by BMW. What could be more fitting? Despite any worldly good he might do, my dislike for Bono is INTENSE. [via]
*August 9th was Frank Zappa Day in Baltimore.
*The Times does a case study (of one Bun B and one Pimp C) on how rappers can age gracefully. The key: Don’t change.
*50 Cent says he’ll stop making records if Kanye West’s album Graduation outsells his own Curtis. I’m totally digging the restrained linguistic aesthetic of the one-pedestrian-word hip-hop album title. [via]
*Luxe-a-palooza: The Christian Science Monitor reports on an uptick in luxury options for usually filthy music festivals.

Lil Wayne: digital music distribution pioneer

Sasha Frere-Jones, in the 8.13.07 issue of The New Yorker addresses prolific hip-hop artist Lil Wayne, who has been creating songs at a feverish pace, though has been releasing them for free on the Internet. SF-J:

“Jay-Z, who is actually thirty-seven, is the C.E.O. of Def Jam, a major label that still does business the twentieth-centruy way, selling records in stores. Lil Wayne’s commercial releases are distributed by another major label, Universal, but, by posting his songs for free on the Internet and, in the process, acquiring new fans, he is proving that the established methods of distribution, like the established rappers, no longer rule.”

His third album is forthcoming.

Tech / tunes links 8.8.07 – If you find yourself falling apart

*SpiralFrog, who’s had a rough run, says they’re read to go live, and will offer free ad-supported music downloads sometime this year. Beta has launched. [via]
*The 25 best opening lyrics. Highlight: “Go, shorty! It’s your birthday.” [via]
*Hip-hop violin by Paul Dateh. (Still, he’s no Miri Ben-Ari.)
*The RIAA spent $658,000 on lobbying in the first half of this year. [via]
*Video interview with Fake Steve Jobs Daniel Lyons. Preceded by a way-annoying number of commercials.
*The Freakonomics blog has been snatched up by the New York Times. (This as it’s become apparent that Forbes will swallow the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Also, Treehugger, which is a little different deal, was recently purchased by Discovery.) Interesting in that in my (admittedly know-nothing) opinion, the Freakonomics blog has been awful for the past 6+ months. I consider taking it out of my feed reader about every other day.
*Minesweeper: The Movie. [via]

Killa bees no longer on the verge of extinction?

A little more hip-hop: Social music site (“the online street community”) is trying to loop the crowd in, letting Wu-Tang lovers download official Wu beats, then lay tracks over them in a competition to open for the group in Hawaii later this year. Rock with Wu.

(On, Safari support is “experimental.” And tells you so at every navigational turn. Funny!)


Tech / Tunes links 7.27.07 – Don’t look back in anger

*The Prince and the Paper II: More on the killed L.A. Times column that advocated distributing free CDs via newspaper (and intimated at the death of newspapers as we know them). Plenty of life for something that never saw print… [via]
*Via hypebot – The importance of internet radio to indies: Indie music makes up 56% of internet broadcaster Live365’s playlist. Indie makes up only up to approximately 15% of traditional broadcasters’ tunes.
*Sonific now lets you put the sound of a baby crying, a burp, or “body crush slow” on your blog.
*Musicubes: Your musical DNA expressed – through a black box from the BBC. (Pretty dumb compared to even the amatuer stuff in the Stats group at
*Hip-hop filter (no, really): Global Grind offers home page filtering/aggregation for hip-hop fans. [via]
*Slate on hip-hop artist T-Pain’s success: He is a robot.
*Verizon touts the music heavily in its recent PR push for the latest version of the Chocolate phone. Text message alerts to new music releases from artists you designate. Music mode (no nasty interruptions from the phone side). Etc.