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Tay Zonday interview in reach magazine

reach – the magazine of the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts – has an interview with one Adam Bahner (aka Tay Zonday) in its most recent edition (apparently not online).

An excerpt:

“The question used to be ‘the ballot or the bullet,'” he says, invoking Malcom X’s philosophy for empowering black people. “Now it’s more like the ballot or the beatbox, the ballot or the open mic, the ballot or the play.” He pauses, to catch his breath. And then he laughs.

“It’s the ballot or YouTube.”

Hype Machine dude interviewed in noisy bar

Huh. Totally disagree with the opening statement summarizing what Hype Machine is, but below is a video from YouTube’s LimewireMusicBlog channel with Hype Machine creator Anthony Volodkin. Who is wearing a Firefox shirt. And drinking a beer. In a noisy bar.

Chocolate Rain interview

A purported interview with Tay Zonday, the musical mastermind behind this week’s YouTube smash, “Chocolate Rain.”

Talky! [via]

Also: Now with 100% more super-pale John Mayer!