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Category: stats: Compare your tastes to those of users in countries across the globe

Plug in your user name, get the country whose users’ musical tastes best match yours. Turns out, my musical tastes (such as they are) are best matched by users in “Unites States Minor Outlying Islands.” I have no idea what that means. Nice looking map, though.

Links for 9.14.07: Ringtone hate, Wal-mart hate, Prince hate, FotC LOLz + more

*Band of Horses licenses songs to Wal-Mart and Ford.

Ben Bridwell: “My personal stance is that once that music is recorded and released to the world then I don’t really care where it goes. “The Funeral” has been licensed to death (ha, wretch) at this point and if somebody wants to throw down some duckets for it, then feel free. It also beats the hell out of stealing batteries from Wal-Mart to sell them back for 8 bucks.” Also, what a BEARD on that dude.

*Both David Pogue and Daring Fireball continue the Apple ringtone (and ringtone in general) hate.

*Social, mobile music company Mercora has become Social.FM. [Crave]

*CubeVoice: Twitter for stuff that’s even more boring than the stuff you write on Twitter. [Mashable]

*Flight of the Conchords brings the LOLz to its advertising campaign.

*The start-up story. The verdict: ff you’re a music company, hire a music-obsessed team. [GigaOm]

*Prince is suing YouTube.

*Eleven reasons why Manu Chao is global pop’s most important star. 1) My 7-month-old loves “Bongo Bong.” The other 10 are here. [Largehearted Boy]

*Queens of the Stone Age (clad in Christmas sweaters) will be appearing on an upcoming Anthony Bourdain special. Bourdain’s the speaker at a thing the day job has going next month. [Peefork]

Tech / tunes links 8.27.07 – Ride the Lightning

*After winning a Russian court decision, AllofMp3 says it will be making a comeback. [via]
*Do you need a $600 music player-cum-therapy device? It’s not an iPhone.
*Since James Brown’s death, at least a dozen people have stepped forward to see if he was their father. Wow; three yesses, so far. [via Getty Images]
*Sasha Frere-Jones talks a bit about how YouTube has helped some hip-hop dances go cross-crountry viral of late; hyphy, snap dances, etc.
*NoSo is an anti-social network that throws “non-events” for member who want to escape the same-old social networking scene. Cute gimmick that should work for about two days. [via]
*Spore: What is it good for?
*Online Fandom starts rolling out friend data. (Personally, I’m not much of a friender.)
*Everybody knows by now, but some kid freed the iPhone from AT&T and poor Miss Teen South Carolina got a bit confused. Funny thing is, I agreed with pretty much all of her points.

Tech / tunes links 8.25.07 – Nervous tension. Nervvvvvous tension.

*Chuck Klosterman does a Trapped in the Closet roundup for the Guardian. [via]
*Twitterment answers the question: What are we twittering? The app allows the curious and the bored to examine the subject matter trends of Twitter users. Looks like mentions of dogs and cats are about even in the mornings, but dogs start to pull away in the afternoons. Wheeeee!!!!!
*I hadn’t noticed Mashable Invites before, which allows Web 2.0 junkies to sign up, and stand in line to receive invites for 2.0 applications in beta (or sometimes alpha, I guess) mode.
*A long TechCrunch post on how to find DRM-free music online.
*Digital Audio Insider on using as a tool to measure fan devotion. Includes a massive chart!!! [via]
*A Virtual World Radio Network launches in Second Life, and it sounds like they want to be the BBC of the metaverse everybody now loves to hate. [via]

Tech / tunes links 8.21.07 – Zero sleep. NONE.

*The really big news of the day: MTV is partnering with Rhapsody, and looks to be abandoning its URGE music store, a venture with Microsoft. MTV will contribute editorial content, including music blogs. This on the heels of recent news of MTV putting $500M into videogames.
* – the site that helped people turn MySpace tunes into MP3s quickly got closed down, but the author of the site’s code is now spreading his seed across the internet. So to speak. [via]
*SlashPhone sounds rightfully excited. A few more pics and details on the Nokia N95 phone that appears to be coming to the States with a U.S. version shortly.
*From Textually comes word of a Japanese device that allows listenerds to control their MP3 players by clenching their teeth!
* is taking its UK music listening data offline, publishing charts on dead wood in Music Week. [via]
*Universal’s DRM-free experiment starts today! And yes, I was right about gBox, one of the startups that’s selling their tunes. You have to be on a Windows machine running Explorer or Firefox to even use the site. Wow.
*Also, the Top 10 Karaoke Songs to Avoid at All Costs. [via]

What does it mean?


1) YES, it looks a lot like M.I.A.’s website.

2) What does it mean? If historical data (previous graphologists’ opinions and the like) are to be trusted, the colorful graph most probably concludes that I have lame taste in music.

3) Harshly judge your own taste in music here, using this incredibly colorful Top 50 grapher. Plus, more info about the tool that shows you your Top 50’s In Time.

UPDATE: Please note that the Black Eyed Peas came in at 34th place. Though I have very little idea what that means, it seems respectable.

Social media companies’ workspaces

Office Snapshots offers inside looks at all sorts of Web 2.0 offices, including Joost, Digg, Craigslist, Mozilla, and Twitter.

Also, if you want to take a look around the offices of:
*Facebook (mostly just some murals) stat fun: MoneyCalc

New from the stats group, the MoneyCalc tool calculates (using Amazon prices) the current cost of a user’s top 50 albums.

(My total: $611 – with a bunch of unavailables.)

What does it mean? No idea! Though it makes sense that most users’ top 50 albums end up costing around $700.

Tech / Tunes links 7.17.07 – Too Many Jam Jars

*ScrobblePad: OOOh. A scrobbler for OS X that lists iTunes and iPods song info on at the same time. [via]
*METAL: Buy recordings of live Metallica concerts. Don’t steal them.
*ReVoice Singtones lets you karaoke your own ringtones. It also uses voice enhancement, so you can sound just like your favorite pop star. [via] Related: Google launching ringtone search?
*Borders to make it easier for tech-challenged old people (WHOM HE CLASSIFIES AS 35 AND OVER) to fill their mobile media devices. Like a genius loading bar for content. [via]
*Check out the Prince 07/07/07 line at MNStories.
*Miniblog consolidation: post to Pownce, Twitter, Jaiku and Tumblr all at once. (Admission: I have accounts with all of these services.)
*Starbucks is bringing exclusive content to market through iTunes. [via]
*Music blogs by the man: Usually late, rarely embedding video. Good luck.
*TechCrunch covers Jamendo – they offer DRM-free music by artists publishing under Creative Commons licenses. Business model undetermined (scary!), but TC speculates that they’ll be an Imeem competitor, with artists sharing in ad revenues. tours’s headquarters

Video here. It’s good!

Crazyquilt collection of nationalities in the office. Our obsession with workspaces these days is notable (many music 2.0 office tours alone have been posted in recent weeks) – maybe because dedicated offices are going the way of the dodo, and blended work/life spaces are norming?

Young at heart?

New online application that calculates the average age of one’s top 50 neighbors.

I think it’s a bad sign that the average age of my neighbors is a decade younger than I am. Too much Black Eyed Peas?

Another stat app with a mildly amusing, yet very strongly worded page (MetalAd) creates an image showing the logos of your top artists, in order. BUT ONLY METAL ARTISTS. From the site: “Why Metal only? Well that’s very simple: Metal ruled, Metal rules and Metal will rule for ever.” From there, things just get ugly. hates on internet radio’s Day of Silence

On their official blog, explains why they’ll be bringing the noise of June 26, the designated day of silence for internet radio broadcasters who are protesting rising royalty fees.

They say they don’t want to punish their listeners, and say the “only solution to this dilemma is commercial.”

Added features

The blog announces that the service has added Video Charts, and also points us to the NORMALISER (batshit insane caps MINE!), an app that re-orders your top artist by total time listened to, instead of number of tracks heard.

So one 24-minute Godspeed You! Black Emperor tune has as much weight here as a dozen 2-minute Usher tracks.

My top 10 has no real surprises UNTIL you get to Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Gs!BE), which is my #48 top artist by track, but #9 by time spent.

(Is there any way Earl Boykins could make this look super cool?)

12 of the top music social networks

According to Mashable: MOG, iJigg,, iLike, etc. As is usual, worth a read (mashable’s been clowning TechCrunch for months — if one is still allowed to use clown as a verb).

Only complaint is that the assessments focus so much on the soc nets’ weird-ass features (super collabo powers for indie bands who’ve committed to putting out ad-supported DRM-free Jungle tracks), there’s very little indication of how the user experience is. And in the case of most of the networks they talk about, the experience is pretty mediocre.