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Links for November 2, 2011: Eating glass, walking on hair

*Shockers: The headline of this article says it all – Did you know that hard candy is actually a glass? I’ve never eaten glass, but I have had my car windows smashed twice in the last five years. Odd coincidence. [mefi]

*More eating: On a similarly shocking food note, there’s no rib in a McRib. I HAVE eaten a McRib. And have suffered ZERO rib injuries in the past five years.

*Furthermore: Speaking of things that are somewhat edible, have you read about the gonad-eating bacteria, Wolbachia? It can CHANGE THE SEX of mosquitos. When I mentioned “things that are somewhat edible,” I was referring to mosquito gonards, and was speaking from the point of view of a bacterium. [originalspin]

*Video: Is this some sort of perversely compelling advertisement for Stolichnaya? Because it is working. My GOD, is it working. (Not safe for work, I guess? And super weird?)

*Social: Mint Digital has taken a device that turns social media messages – from the likes of Twitter and Instagram – into smells. Considering the people I follow on Twitter, I have no desire to test this product. [psfk]

*Inventions: If you worry about bears when you’re out camping, try a portaledge. [popgadget]

*Going down: Walk on hair! Jessica Wohl’s Hairy Stairs art installation has sickened me beyond all possible words. At least, I guess, it’s not pubic hair. [neatorama]

*France: When it comes to Adam Gopnik, I couldn’t possibly say it better than Choire Sicha – “I love elitist rich people things and even I want to bonk Adam Gopnik on the head.

*Devices: The PlugBug has one plug-in and two chargers, for charging up more than one device at once. [daringfireball]

*Nerdly: Read this piece if you care about the unfortunate recent changes to Google Reader. I’m seeing people recommending Newsblur or Readability as alternates. [barbarism]

*Local: Sad to see that local radio guy Tom Keith died earlier this week. He’s better known to morning show listeners as Mr. Sports, Mr. Action, Mr. Jim Ed Poole. He was just 64.

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Links for October 31, 2011: Slutty Krueger

*Kickstarter: Today, I gave money to a Kickstarter project that will fund Flummox and Friends (from Christa Dahlstrom), a “live-action comedy designed to help kids navigate the social and emotional world.” First, I love the project, and am heartened by it. Second, that quote (and the messaging in toto) contains some pretty savvy language. It’s dripping with latent code that people who are read in the literature of autism spectrum disorder are sure to pick up on. That not a knock on it. The pitch is neurally inclusive, and should be. (If neurally inclusive isn’t a term yet, it will be.) What’s interesting about the project is that its utility for those on the autism spectrum and/or those with Asperger’s gets an explicit mention, but it’s not until the third or fourth item in the list of features.

*Things: Architect Gijs Van Vaerenbergh has designed a transparent steel church. I don’t speak French. (On a side note, I do enjoy sitting at outdoor cafes smoking.) [gijs]

*Intellectual property: Via Murketing comes a story that CNN is reporting; namely, that some people in New York are trying to copyright the phrase “Occupy Wall Street” in order to sell merch. This is a BRILLIANT thought experiment / conceptual art piece. Whether it was meant to be or not.

*Crafts: Apparently, drive-by quilting is the new yarn bombing. (Also, Ricky Tims is “a good-old boy.” Or so I hear.) [mefi]

*Sports: I’m not at all interested in a water skiing chair. But in the event that a water skiing toilet gets invented, you know who to contact. (Me.)

*In memoriam: You’ve seen it before. Maybe you’ve even already read it. But Steve Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson, wrote a moving tribute to the Apple founder.

*Salty snacks: We’re all thinking it when we see Tom Lyons’ Triscuit Chairs, so I’m just going to go ahead and say it: swiss cheese cushions. [laughing squid]

*Film: OK, this description of Andrew Niccoli’s film “In Time” speaks to me in a BOOMING voice: “In the future, thanks to genetic engineering, everyone’s physical appearance ceases to develop or decline at age twenty-five, at which moment, with a silent, monitory thump, a stop watch on the left forearm—a cross between an Auschwitz serial number and a lime-green digital alarm clock—begins ticking down from one year.”

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Links for October 29, 2011: Shave and a haircut

*Games: I highly recommend you drink three cocktails and play first-person Tetris. It’s a disorienting blast, right up until the point you vomit. (On a side note, I am making SAZERACS tonight. Then probably playing first-person Tetris.)

*Money: CNNMoney writes about North Dakota’s new boom economy. “‘We work insane hours,’ said Benjamin Lukes, who gets an average of four hours of sleep a night as a hydraulic fracturer in Williston but earns about $100,000 a year — thanks in large part to overtime.”

*Reading: Let’s have an intelligent debate about the merits of reading while sitting on the toilet. I would like to hear Christopher Hitchens’ thoughts on the matter.

*Video: This invention, a gumball machine that works via a secret knock, is very cool. But just as fascinating is that a secret knock has a name, right? Shave and a haircut. I love it?

*Cameras: These sardine box cameras are fairly awesome, and I bet would smell delicious? (Note that these are merely “vintage-inspired” designs, but I’m sure it would be possible to rub sardines all over them. [psfk]

*Internet: I’ve never used it (I don’t think I will?) but IsItOld seems like a good tool for linkbloggers who want to stay ahead of the curve? (It tells you how long ago a link was tweeted, and how much action it’s gotten.) Do linkbloggers still exist?

*Social: I don’t have an iPad, but I do a little reading on a few devices. I’ve been reading about and wanting social reading features for a long time – usually to the bemusement of anyone I tell that, too. (Usually the line of argument is, “Why would I want to read some idiot’s annotations?” To which I answer, “You don’t want to read some idiot’s annotations – you want to see the notes and additions of specific people you know and whose opinion you respect.”) Truly useful social reading features have been a long time coming (maybe because of that resistance from people?), so I’m not all that optimistic about Subtext (a new iPad app). I’ll give it a try when the iPad 3 comes out, and just hope that social reading is significantly better by then.

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Links for October 28, 2011: Let’s play with Diamond Dave’s crotch

*Games: The Van Halen edition of Asteroids, Assteroidz, entails shooting bullets out of Diamond Dave’s crotch.

*Connectivity: The average smartphone user checks their phone 40 times a day.

*Fashion: I’m not really sure what’s going on in this NSFW “Les Fleurs du Mal” Agent Provocateur ad, but I’m pretty sure it should be made into a full-length feature film. Trilogy.

*ZZZ: Hive is an art installation by Kristiina Lahde of phone books that look like honeycomb. I usually throw my Yellow Pages directly into the garbage. [notcot]

*Headlines: Golden Fiddle linked to this headline, but it’s too good not to repost: “Kauai charger gets pantsed by Teahupoo monster during Code Red swell in Tahiti.” Every word is like a delicious burst of nougat.

*Rides: Be mesmerized by Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei.

*Film: Director of photography John Alcott talks about what it was like to work with Stanley Kubrick on “Barry Lyndon.” Personally, I found “Barry Lyndon” to be the perfect combination of well-lit and depressing. [coudal]

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Video: Mad Men without January Jones

Brilliant. Along the lines of Garfield Minus Garfield, this video explores the idea of absence (rather than the usual mere vacuousness!). [pop loser]

Links for October 27, 2011:

*The joy of illustration: Read this story about how “The Joy of Sex” was illustrated. That initial beard pic is a real boner-killer (please excuse the phrase). [coudal]

*Swirling eyeballs: Can you use one word to induce a hypnotic state? (There is video.) I have a special technique that I call “mesmerizing.” You will probably never experience it, but imagine taking a bunch of quaaludes and staring at the ceiling, maybe with urine dribbling down your leg.

*Nirvana: This wine-pumping shop in Palermo sells vino – 5 liters for €7.

*Imagery: NASA photos document the spread of nighttime lights in India from 1992 to 2003. The growth is incredible, and its implications boggle my mind daily. (I AM NOT EXAGGERATING HERE.)

*Selling: Mavic makes bicycle wheels that actually emphasize the little howling sound that comes with brake friction. This reminds me (a little) of the branding around Harley’s sound, leading the company to copyright the cough of their engines.

*Authenticity: Are Americans getting sick of one-of-a-kind things? Are handcrafted goods “overwhelming”? [notrobwalker]

*Generation X: Holy shit, Francis Bean is engaged. There’s old. There’s officially old. There’s bald old. And then there’s this. Where we are.

*Reading: The Awl tells you to read about Lynda Barry. And this time, you should listen.

*List: These essential rye cocktails, including the Manhattan, the Brooklyn and the Sazerac and the Diamondback, remind me that I would like to somehow raise $1800 to take a class on distilling.

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Links for October 26, 2011: A pair of shoes is not a walking machine

*Products: Aeroshots are caffeine inhalers that look like ammunition cartridges. (The last time I put something that looked like an ammunition cartridge in my mouth, it was on a dare and I ended up having to have 1-1/3 of my tonsils removed via emergency surgery.)

*Food: Edible spray paint is perhaps the BEST idea for a product since caffeine that can be inhaled via a device that looks like an ammunition cartridge! Now if you could just huff edible spray paint to get a caffeine high…

*Note: I did not know, until watching this “Weird Bikes” video, that bicycles began as WALKING MACHINES that were not even pedaled! In fact, I have always referred to the Segway as the original walking machine, and always with utter derision.

*Apps: A 50-year-old British man has embedded an iPhone into his prosthetic arm.

*Look: Bem Legaus’ chainmail art is AWESOME. My brothers and I, when we were kids, would often use pizza boxes as shields and the cardboard inserts left over after using up rolls of wrapping paper as swords. That’s right, we were too poor to afford chainmail. A fact that still haunts me to this day. Also, I had to wear Lee jeans in 7th grade. It was demoralizing, and I firmly believe that it is a major contributor to my lifelong lack of sexual charisma.

*Apparel: These touchscreen gloves from Muji aren’t what I was thinking AT ALL. (I was thinking of normal gloves with 3-inch-long extensions made out of hot dogs.)

*Money: Ben Tarnoff writes about the publishing industry in “The Worst Business in the World” for Lapham’s Quarterly. The first sentence is a doozy: “Imagine an industry where seventy percent of your products lose money.”

*Similar: On a related note, Jeopardy’s Ken Jennings is the 99%.

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Links for October 25, 2011: Please candle your earhole at your earliest convenience

*Mashup: This bicycle plays an LP while you ride it. And it is a VIDEO.

*Tattly: Bikes + types = temporary tattoos? (The apogee of the form, of course, is the Helvetica fixie.)

*Immersion: Immerse yourself in the world of Japan’s ear-cleaning parlors. A 30-minute ear waxing costs about $32. Seems reasonable? (Exaggerated Pee Wee Herman “What?” quote.)

*Yum: Adult Pixie Stix (Trixy Stix!) do not contain what you are IMAGINING they contain (I do not know what you are imagining they contain), they are, in fact, filled with flavors such as beet rose and black sesame. Also, there’s a weird video trailer for this whole deal.

*Amazon: This is Spinal Tape. (This is tape that looks like a spine.) [laughing squid]

*Hacking: Moneyfacing is Sleeve Facing, but with money. (I hope you know what I’m talking about.)

*Video: “To Die by Your Side” by Spike Jonze. The beret. The books. The music. The living covers. Crying into my cupped hands.

*Words: Sweet Lord Baby Jesus Christ Almighty, are you trying to tell me that the site that was named best grammar blog of 2011 is a hideous collection of insanely annoying ads?

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Links for October 24, 2011: Blessed are the cheesmakers

*School: I’m still a little sheepish about the fact that I do not have a single advanced degree. The Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Academy may help me change that. I’m thinking of doing my thesis on how using mayonnaise on a grilled cheese sandwich is an affront to god. And Jesus.

*Photgraphs: Katy Perry visits Occupy Wall Street (not nude). Apparently, Gaius Baltar is the only celebrity who cares to attend Occupy Wall Street in the nude? Also, apparently OWS has a theme song now, from Bill Fox, no less.

*Music: Oink: A Concept Album. (That’s not the real album title, just what it should have been named.) The real thing is One Pig by Matthew Herbert, and it’s an album made from sounds captured during the short, sad life of one little porker. [notcot]

*Testing: Can you match some fictional rock bands with the books in which they appeared? I did not do well. Probably because I am a dropout of the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Academy. (Important note: I have not even been accepted into the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Academy.)

*Books: Chicks With Guns. Paper and glue, the good, old-fashioned publishing industry, is our final bastion of intellectualism. [minusmanhattan]

*Business: Netflix and Groupon continue in their head-to-head battle to see who can fail more spectacularly.

*Glam: Rémy Tassou’s disco ball made out of cellphones has really inspired me. In fact, I am planting one thousand disposable razors in my frontyard right now, in an effort to make a “lawn beard.” Yes, a lawn beard MADE OUT OF RAZORS. [unconsumption]

*Mashups: Kanye’d by the bell. A tumblr. I assume inspired by LOLcats and heavy alcohol consumption.

*Local: Read on as The Deets blogger Ed Kohler continues his campaign against public financing of a new Vikings stadium. Worse than paying for a 21,000 car Arden Hills parking lot, I received an unwanted Yellow Pages on my stoop this week. In a plastic bag, no less.

*Twitter: Here are some tweets I like.

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Self-defense: Bikendo

This is a couple years old, but it seems important to note that bicycles can be used for self-defense.

Links for October 21, 2011: Where would you like your Coke bottle?

*Imagery: Don’t miss this brilliantly arresting art, Plasticizer, by Liu Bolin. It’s from an incredible set of images of 21st century China. (This is really a must-see photo collection.) [fallows]

*Art: These dioramas, MINIATURES NO LESS, were created underwater. You heard that right. UNDERWATER. Look at them and allow your jaw to DROP. (You’ll note that I RESISTED the urge to make a crude “under-toilet-water sculpture” reference. Almost.) [coudal]

*Sartorial splendour: TieSight is an app that uses a MacBook’s camera to step one through tying a tie. I don’t wear ties, but I would someday like to learn how to shave? [poploser]

*Holidays: I don’t know what I will be dressing up as for Halloween, but the costume will definitely include a 300-piece chocolate gladiator bikini.

*Greenery: This microblog on microlawns is fairly amusing? “Unexpectedly erotic mons pubis form, measuring 3 feet across, deemed so provocative that Its location has been hidden by the Censors.” [mefi]

*Chestnuts: Coudal reminds us of this old chestnut, while that fall nip in the air reminds us that It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers.

*Ideas: Fluevog is putting a vending machine full of smart, handcrafted gew gaws in its public break room and Flueseum. Nurturing creative ideas = good for workers, good for business.

*Local: Polica is going to be playing at the Turf Club – right down the street! – on November 7th.

*Fun fact: One of the most popular searches for this site is “Coke bottle in ass.” That sounds terribly unappetizing!

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Links for October 20, 2011: The Waiting Ball

*Gifs: This Waiting gif is incredible. Mesmerizing. How can something that should elicit a stress response soothe so naturally? [mktg]

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Links for October 18th, 2011: Extreme dentistry

*Compelling: There has never been a reader who has come to this site intentionally who would NOT click on a link to pictures of animals with guns for horns. NEVER. See “The Evolution Will Be Fabulous” by Peter Gronquist. And see it well, by God.

*E-retail: Dmitry Itskov is planning on creating a humanoid avatar body within 5 to 7 years. It would then be possible for a person to upload a consciousness into this body. Please pre-order me one 9-foot-tall, female Andre the Giant avatar body. (Don’t ask.)

*Images: In “The Conditions of Winter” Rinat Voligamsi reimagines life in the Russian Red Army in a pretty chillingly awesome way. I want upside-down shadow soldiers marching across a tundra in my home. [mktg]

*Holy: Check out this visualization, which applies modern day sentiment analysis to the Bible. (I was surprised to see so much negativity around laws for cleansing lepers.) [the wuzzles]

*Quotable: Mat Honan writes about Generation X on his tumblr. “Generation X is sick of your bullshit.” And “Generation X wasn’t surprised.” And, my favorite, “Generation X is a journeyman.” (Actually, I would have loved a post that was simply a list of these sort of statements.)

*Brilliance: I did a little tweet of this today, but its brilliance is worth the repeat. The YouTube Insult Generator by Adrian Holovaty should be read about and played with by anyone who cares about the internet, America, or the accidental brilliance that can be found in abject stupidity.

*Football: This Boba Fett viking helmet makes me wonder if Mr. Fett would actually be an upgrade to this year’s Queens secondary. Even though he is deceased.

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Links for October 17th: “It went to shit.”

*Video: These electricity-free lightbulbs made out of water bottles are illuminating the homes of thousands of people throughout the Philippines.

*Clothing: Do you believe this Hitchcock vs. Angry Birds design should make its way onto a t-shirt? You can help. I mean, it wouldn’t be as helpful as giving thousands of poor people the gift of electricity-free light. It’s more like helping one guy, a graphic designer who probably has a nicer computer than you. And whose glasses are probably obnoxious. Like maybe square. Or clear.

*Online: The recent Moot talk that’s going around, the one in which he speaks about how identity is prismatic and Facebook and Google are doing it wrong strikes a chord with me. (I’m saying that not only as the listenerd, but as all of my selves. I guess it struck a chord with mes.)

*Food: Bourdain talks to Playboy. Basically, I’ll go anywhere Golden Fiddle sends me. “I don’t mind looking like an asshole on television or looking like an idiot if that was the reality of the situation.” This quote hits me right between the eyes. Especially the “reality of the situation” part.

*Television: Beavis and Butthead is coming back to MTV, and the reporter who wrote this profile thinks Mike Judge is hot!

*Movies: I have enjoyed nearly every Pixar movie I have ever seen, and think John Lasseter is a smart and talented man. However, Cars 2 was a steaming pile of elephant feces, conceived and executed for all the worst reasons in seemingly as crass a manner as possible. (John Lasseter disagrees.)

*Exercise: Let’s say for a moment that you take up the fitness activity known as kettle bells. Shouldn’t your kettle bells look like demons? Or maybe huge donuts? Also, if you prefer the term kettle balls, they could look like testicles. But that’s a little obvious, isn’t it, pervert?

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