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Video: Machinima-inspired Brazilian pop video

Babado Novo! Actually, the music is quite boring. Also, the machinima version doesn’t seem like the Second Life we’ve read so much about.

[Second Life Insider]

Guild War take on the BEPs+ the “My Humps” YouTube Trifecta

This goes for pretty much anything BEP-related, but: WHOA.


Also, please check out the enabled, sensory-blasting trifecta here. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

GWAR, what is it good for?

(Actually, this is not GWAR at all.) Manic, insane and amazing World of Warcraft music video machinima nerdity: “I Am Murloc.”. [via]


World’s most annoying (and catchy!) dance mix set to nicely acted vidgame footage.