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Tech / Tunes links 7.16.07 – The Non-Talibeard Edition

*The internet radio royalty compromise requires mandatory DRM for net broadcasters? [via] Also: A handy FAQ on the ‘net broadcasting question from Digital Music News.
*Deathwatch on ringtone revenues – single-digit gains projected over the next few years, and a drop by 2011. (There’s better, and better priced, mobile content out there now, including video, real songs, casual and non-casual games, etc.) [via]
*The Association for Downloadable Media – Apple and a bunch of podcasters; trying to figure out how to make money from podcasting. [via]
*The Beastie Boys enforced a late-1950s office dress code while at work on their latest album, The Mix-Up. They did, however, have casual Fridays. But you had to wear super old-school sneeks. No lie.
*The Guitar Hero-at-the-bar phenomenon continues. Just wait for Rock Band to roll out.
*The WSJ on Iraqi pop music: “The most recent addition to the Iraqi pop scene is Akhlad Raouf, who sings about power outages, fuel shortages and paying bribes, often using the music of Western performers for tongue-in-cheek effect.”
*Forbes on the power of music pickers for television shows like Grey’s Anatomy.
*Gizmodo shows how to control iTunes from your iPhone.
*Google patent: listening to you and the ambient noise around you, then guessing what you’ll search for. Cool? Freaky?

Tech / Tunes links 7.12.07 – The Capitulating Corporate Drone Edition

*AdTunes on Wilco’s deal with VW.
*Check out The Number of Da Boots – Iron Maiden Bootleg Compilation. [via]
*Pandora quotes Mos Def and podcats on hip-hop rhyme schemes.
*The ListeNerd promises a full recovery when the corporateness temporarily wears off again – some time tomorrow.

Tech / Tunes links 7.9.07 – The Fried Crispy Edition

*The Guardian on declining album sales, the viability of the CD and vinyl as the prime mover in niche markets.
*Fast Company offers its take on Starbucks’ Hear Music record label. Their retail stores have 44 million customers a week – a lot of eardrums. Meanwhile, Romenesko’s Starbucks Gosisp blog asks what Starbucks’ sound really is.
*10 applications from iPhoneDevCamp (a barcamp event that brought together developers to make usable apps for the Jesusphone). Includes “The Pool,” which turns the iPhone screen into a pool of water that ripples when you touch it, and Tilt, a phone game that requires the player to tilt his phone to catch and gobble up falling food. Meanwhile, GigaOm is upset at the iPhone’s lack of games.
*AllofMp3 is dead! Long live AllofMp3. (And actually, AllofMp3 replacement Mp3Sparks is dead now, too). has sprung up to take both of their places. Maybe we can get a nano-site that points people to the current iteration of AllofMp3? [via]
*The L.A. Times on the Disney Music Group: swimming rather than sinking. Hannah Montana, people. Hannah Montana.
*Metaverse music: Second Life dimming as marketing destination? It is pretty funny to see 50 Cent hitting the Zwinky circuit so heavily.
*A Treehugger take on Live Earth as a political event (rather than a musical one).
*No Sideloading? JupiterResearch report says only 5% of Americans sideload (move music from their PC to their cellphone) their cellies. Only 2% download songs to their cells over the air. [via]
*Music-sharing hacks from Sampled + Sorted here (using Google Page Creator or SnatchIt widgets). I still haven’t heard much about people using Pownce to either share (large amounts of) or market music.

Church trashes hip-hop on Chicago billboards


Tangential to Music 2.0 but an interesting advertising platform hop. Church Saint Sabina has taken out 20 billboards in Chicago calling the music of Ludacris, Twista, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg, among others, “Trash!” Salty discussion here (also, where the pic’s from) and XXL’s blurb on the controversy here.

Dirty Zune parties?

Via Idolator comes an A.V. Club post on a social music phenomenon happening in my neck of the woods: MSFT-sponsored Zune parties. With MGD. And Guitar Hero.

A Zune party: It looks kind of like a real party – with beer, Xbox, and Guitar Hero – but has a few too many Zune posters, and is all apparently paid for by MSFT.