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Video: David Hasselhoff vs. Boards of Canada

[music thing]

Video: Casino dialogue dubbed to Bert and Ernie

A Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro Casino scene dubbed and cut for Bert and Ernie. NSFW language! Wohoo!


Hasta la vista

With the rockingness of 400 dragons, Dan Deacon has created a DVD called Ultimate Reality. Deacons’s crazy hippie mashup consists of neon-tinged, powerfully backed video footage of California’s governor in his Hollywood heyday.

Warning: What follows is 6 minutes and 48 seconds of pure Schwarzenegger-fueled psychedelia. [via]

RECOMMENDED with the SOUND ON. And having taken some mushrooms, preferably.

Beardfilter: Video version

A must-watch video, starring one of America’s most compelling beards: Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” as interpreted by Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham, aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy.


World’s most annoying (and catchy!) dance mix set to nicely acted vidgame footage.


eMusic mashes up its tunes with internet radio broadcasters

eMusic (my hated frenemy) is hooking up its music library with 10 internet radio services. The offerings will sync streams of internet radio stations with the eMusic catalog, and let fans download as they listen.

Who gets a piece of the eMusic pie? KEXP, Pandora, WOXY, and Bootliquor, among others. Here’s the Pandora/eMusic mashup.

eMusic is also donating money to KEXP, SomaFM and others. [via]

UPDATE: Rusty from SomaFM clarifies the relationship in the comments. (eMusic’s thing was apparently a demo, not a real deal relationship. YOU SUCK, Mashable. OK, you don’t totally suck, but still.)

Habbo Hotel musical mashups

Habbo Hotel (the world’s second largest virtual world, just behind World of Warcraft with 7.5 unique users per month) is letting its users make their own mashups with Traxmachine – an online music mixing machine.

Tweens and teens wielding Habbo’s block-like avatars have to pay coins to get a TraxMachine Starter pack. Whatever the hell that means. They can then bring down the Hotel with their mad beats.

World of Warcraft-powered machinima music videos is hosting a World of Warcraft machinima music video contest. Music by the Ataris.

Prepare yourself for dancing gnomes. And the like.

EMI lets YouTubers remix its tunes

EMI’s been busy lately. In addition to Amazon and iTunes deals, the struggling label’s finally signed a deal with YouTube. YouTubers can now find vids from EMI artists on the videosharing site, and they’ll also be able to use EMI tunes legally in their user-generated mashups.