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Meta: top posts this month are almost all dumb videos

Not music 2.0. Not breaking news. Not original content. The most interesting things here at the listenerd are apparently simple links, with little (preferably no!) commentary.

The top five posts for September 2007 (all links go to external content; they aren’t internal links to this blog):

*With a bullet: Swiss firefighters record Projec’t 118 rap video to inform citizens who to call when there’s a fire.

*Darth Vader plays blues harmonica.

*A nonsensical post mocking user The 40-year-old Spartan for the disconnect between his ultra-tough name and his less hardcore musical tastes (Maroon 5).

*A video of Winnie the Pooh doing the Soulja Boy dance.

*A video of Pavarotti and James Brown singing together.

Bottom ONE post of the month (this one pings back to the original post):

*An diatribe on the evils of black mead. AVOID: An irregular anti-recommendation service from the listenerd.

Vintage audio video

Doubtless, you will find this video of vintage audio equipment playing old music incredibly soothing. The song is not all bad.

(Meta note: 200th post! Many of them admittedly cheap. But I started this blog less than two months ago.)