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Links for 9.17.07: Carbon offsetting, the Zwinky economy + more

*A Guardian blog comments on carbon offsetting as an option for touring bands who want to be eco-friendly. There’s also the biodiesel bus option. Or just stay home.

*Zwinky has been kicking ass. They have 4.6 million active users, and the kiddie gaming environment has just introduced Zbucks, virtual currency that players can buy with real money. Also, strangely enough, despite only ONE previous mention on this site, a ton of people searching for Zwinky stuff get sent here. Maybe it’s just poor pre-teen search skills? [TechCrunch]

*eMusic is pushing into audiobooks.

*The Future of Music Policy Summit starts today in Washington, DC.

*Why is this still just a concept? The CD playing sneaker. [Crave]

*For your dining pleasure: Flight of the Conchords lasagna. [Pop Candy]

*Kanye leads 50. Chesney takes up the rear.

Links for 9.13.07: VMA tweets, Amazon music store, the games biz explosion + more

*The Wall Street Journal ponders the question of if tech-limited sound quality is holding the music biz back. (No.)

*The new Amazon music download store is now apparently only waiting on Bezos. (Bezos: “Needs more orange!”) [Mashable]

*The $4B online games business is projected to triple over the next five years. [mediaeater]

*Shots Ring Out does a kick-ass analysis of MTV’s attempt to Twitter the VMAs. Yuuuaa! [notes]

*Attention: September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day in Second Life. Insert quip here.

*A Honolulu orchestra will be performing the music from the television show Lost on September 22, one day before Second Life Celebrate Bisexuality Day. [Pop Candy]

*Craig Finn (who you may know from the Hold Steady) will be teaching Boston College students how to rock at a “Master Class” on September 25, just two days after Second Life Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

*Million Dollar Pubes – pay $200 for one hair’s-worth of lazer treatement (plus an ad on her page) for a young lady in need. Not very tasteful! [Shiny Shiny]

Links for 9.9.07: Fergie’s hummer, Habbo Hotel, the iDrink + more

*BoingBoing points to a blog post by a music reviewer who got an earful after his watermarked promo CD went up on a P2P.
*The NYT covers “Across the Universe,” the forthcoming cinematic rocke-era about the Beatles. I posted a clip of the execrable Bono pyschedilically singing in it previously. Also: have I mentioned that I hate Bono?
*If you didn’t know: Habbo Hotel is HUGE. The virtual world has 6.5 million active users. Also: the importance of being a “gameless game.”
*Listenerd fave Fergie is going green and selling her 2005 H2 Hummer. The $$ will go to Global Green USA. Bidding is currently at $61k. Watch those seats, though!
*The iDrink brings iPod style to alcohol consumption. [Shiny Shiny]
*The Times on marching bands.

Tech / tunes links 9.1.07 – Inching the night away

*The DRM-free music store at Amazon will roll out in mid-September (the NY Post says it’ll be the week of September 17), and will apparently charge $.99 for most tracks, $.89 for “emerging artists.” [NY Post]
*NBC Universal v. iTunes: NBC says they never wanted to double prices, and that their content will be up on iTunes through December. Uh boy. [Paid Content]
*Billboard on Nokia’s Ovi: “The model that Nokia introduced this week should serve as a blueprint for how to marry Internet services with mobile services.” YES. [Mediaeater]
*Q magazine tries to define and track down “perfect songs.” For some reason, they turned to Michael Stipe and John Legend for the answers, who came up with, among others: Springsteen’s “Born to Run,” the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil,” and Buckley singing “Hallelujah.” [The Set List]
*Laughing Squid points us at coverage for this year’s Beard & Moustache Championships (with most excellent pics). The BBC also reports on the most important event in facial hairdom.
*The ultra-phonograph: the ELP Laser Turntable.
*RE: Perez Hilton – It is said that one day there will be two kinds of humans.
*Justin Timberlake will be airing backstage footage of his most recent concert tour in Second Life. Insert “Dick in a Box” joke here. Nullus. (Had to.)

Tech / tunes links 8.25.07 – Nervous tension. Nervvvvvous tension.

*Chuck Klosterman does a Trapped in the Closet roundup for the Guardian. [via]
*Twitterment answers the question: What are we twittering? The app allows the curious and the bored to examine the subject matter trends of Twitter users. Looks like mentions of dogs and cats are about even in the mornings, but dogs start to pull away in the afternoons. Wheeeee!!!!!
*I hadn’t noticed Mashable Invites before, which allows Web 2.0 junkies to sign up, and stand in line to receive invites for 2.0 applications in beta (or sometimes alpha, I guess) mode.
*A long TechCrunch post on how to find DRM-free music online.
*Digital Audio Insider on using as a tool to measure fan devotion. Includes a massive chart!!! [via]
*A Virtual World Radio Network launches in Second Life, and it sounds like they want to be the BBC of the metaverse everybody now loves to hate. [via]

Tech / tunes links 8.18.07 – Must. Keep. Pushing. Forward.

*The Beastie Boys, in support of their most recent album, will do a press event in the virtual world There on Monday. Lily Allen to do one There in September. Unless she has issues getting a visa. [via]
*NowPlayIt is an instructional music site where the artists who wrote the famous (or “famous,” as the case may be) songs give complete video tutorials on how to play them to fans. $8 a lesson; $6 if it’s taught by a nobody rather than the original creator. Obvs, not a lot of high-profile artists have yet sat down to record how-tos yet. [via]
*Engadget finds a wicked cassette tape-looking USB drive to house your mixtapes.
*The execrable local (delicious edition): I’m totally 3 months late on this, but apparently South Minneapolis’ Pumphouse Creamery serves ice cream made from Surly.
*Criticker: A movie recommendation engine + community. (I haven’t played with it much yet, but I can never get enough recommendation in my life.) [via]
*We desperately need this Japan-only cellphone application to come to the States: A celebrity hairstyle simulator. Preview how you’d look with various celebs’ ‘dos on your cellphone screen. (It may be too late for me to fully enjoy, but others could still benefit.)

Tech / tunes links 8.15.07 – The Imposter

*I like the Crank That jumbotron – a LOT. (This is how I dance after 4.5 martinis.) Also, who even watches one YouTube vid at a time anymore? For me, it’s 3 simultaneously, minimum.
*EMI outsources its marketing to Saatchi & Saatchi.
*Nine Inch Nails’ new album Year Zero may be turned into a television series.
*The soundtrack for “The Darjeeling Limited,” Wes Anderson’s new movie, has been partially revealed. (I had no idea that cinematic soundtrack sleuthing was so competitive!)
*Virtual world creator Doppelganger scores $11M in venture capital funding. When I visited the Virtual Lower East Side (very early on), many more than half the “players” bumbling around in there were employed by either the VLES creators or the $ men. [via]
*Crave brings us this wonder: a Speak & Spell modded to work with an iPod.
*The New York Times writes about cellphone concert promotions; how text messaging and the Always On mentality have changed concerts. Band of Horses must be PISSED. Also: The article mentions the possibility of a Beyonce-themed phone…
*Live Nation is widgetizing. Bloggers and Facebookers will be able to put the LN widget on their page, where peeps can find concert info and buy tix from it. [via]
*Explore Dan Deacon’s soundboard – keyboards, mixers, huge glasses, a big gut and a shitload of buzzes, beeps and neon. Also: B(5). [via]

Guild War take on the BEPs+ the “My Humps” YouTube Trifecta

This goes for pretty much anything BEP-related, but: WHOA.


Also, please check out the enabled, sensory-blasting trifecta here. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Tech / tunes links 8.5.07 – Back with my brand-new invention

*The Times Online reports on Sellaband and SlicethePie: two quasi-futures markets for new music. Fans put down real money, helping to back a band who has uploaded demos, and can then get returns on their investments if the groups gain popularity and start selling well. Somebody’s ready to start crowdsourcing the money men now, it seems.
*As hotels have been doing for years (W Hotels have been creating, and even selling, special mixes for a long time), for-sale condos are starting to carefully tailor their soundtracks.
*Top 10 covers of videogame songs on YouTube.
*Guitar Hero III’s 11 new tracks announced; they include the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Suck My Kiss” and Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast.”
*The WSJ reports on mp3 collections, individualism, and identity within the institution of marriage. (Also at issue: whether newlyweds should combine their blogs.)
*Prospect magazine on the economics of modern music. (Where selling CDs at your concert can cannibalise your t-shirt sales and destroy profits.)

WoW: That’s the World of Warcraft That You Play!

Admission: I have no idea what most of this original song and video even means.

More links, less context: Not for the faint of heart

*Nokia launches its own music service to challenge the iPhone-iTunes juggernaut in Europe on August 29. Upload songs from phone to PC, transfer songs to non-Nokia phones, 1 million songs+. [via]
*Illegal downloads are at an all-time high. [via]
*N’gai Croal pwns Roger Ebert RE: videogames and their cultural merits. (Had a similar conversation with him about vidgames at CES this year.)
*Killing the record sleeve. (Don’t say it’s already dead.)
*Record labels are racing the likes of iTunes to deal up with social networks to sell songs on them. [via]
*GOOD magazine links to a Bono video retrospective. I love GOOD (and long have), I hate Bono (and always will).
*Led Zeppelin is finally ready to sell songs via iTunes.

GWAR, what is it good for?

(Actually, this is not GWAR at all.) Manic, insane and amazing World of Warcraft music video machinima nerdity: “I Am Murloc.”. [via]

Tech / Tunes links 7.9.07 – The Fried Crispy Edition

*The Guardian on declining album sales, the viability of the CD and vinyl as the prime mover in niche markets.
*Fast Company offers its take on Starbucks’ Hear Music record label. Their retail stores have 44 million customers a week – a lot of eardrums. Meanwhile, Romenesko’s Starbucks Gosisp blog asks what Starbucks’ sound really is.
*10 applications from iPhoneDevCamp (a barcamp event that brought together developers to make usable apps for the Jesusphone). Includes “The Pool,” which turns the iPhone screen into a pool of water that ripples when you touch it, and Tilt, a phone game that requires the player to tilt his phone to catch and gobble up falling food. Meanwhile, GigaOm is upset at the iPhone’s lack of games.
*AllofMp3 is dead! Long live AllofMp3. (And actually, AllofMp3 replacement Mp3Sparks is dead now, too). has sprung up to take both of their places. Maybe we can get a nano-site that points people to the current iteration of AllofMp3? [via]
*The L.A. Times on the Disney Music Group: swimming rather than sinking. Hannah Montana, people. Hannah Montana.
*Metaverse music: Second Life dimming as marketing destination? It is pretty funny to see 50 Cent hitting the Zwinky circuit so heavily.
*A Treehugger take on Live Earth as a political event (rather than a musical one).
*No Sideloading? JupiterResearch report says only 5% of Americans sideload (move music from their PC to their cellphone) their cellies. Only 2% download songs to their cells over the air. [via]
*Music-sharing hacks from Sampled + Sorted here (using Google Page Creator or SnatchIt widgets). I still haven’t heard much about people using Pownce to either share (large amounts of) or market music.


World’s most annoying (and catchy!) dance mix set to nicely acted vidgame footage.