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Tech / tunes links 8.11.07 – Don’t ever give up

*A study from Stanford and McGill monitors subjects’ brain activity as they listen to a concert. One- to two-second breaks in the music trigger a flood of brain activity. On an anecdotal note, I do my most pithy microblogging during the spaces between iTunes songs.
*Universal announced that they bought indie record label V2 Music for around $14M. So this week they bought a label, went DRM-free, thumbed their nose at Apple, and got sued by Veoh. [via]
*In other Universal news: their DRM-free tracks will be watermarked with unique identifiers, so if the tracks make it onto p2p networks, they’ll know who put ’em up. [via]
*A hand-crank media player ensures one can watch short, amusing videos during power outages. Also features a radio, flashlight, an mp3 player, and an e-book reader. [via]
*Master P has given his official endorsement to Barack Obama for president. [via]
*The Nokia N95, which we talked a lot about at CES for my day job (and which RULES), might be coming to the U.S. (with 3G). [via]
*Cool to see that Hypebot’s hopped on the vintage audio bandwagon. Looks familiar… (Still very SOOTHING.)
*Vicarious Music’s 100 Days That Changed Music. The best one: 9. “April 1, 2032, Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy released; Weeks after Axl’s death in a tragic tanning–bed accident.” Comforting to see Axl getting taken down a peg.
*Reminder: Episode 13 of R. Kelly’s magnum opus “Trapped in the Closet” comes out on Monday!
*On the way: A Halo-themed Zune. You know it’s Halo because the brown is much more military! It’s available for pre-order. [via]
*Chicago Tribune article on strong vinyl sales at some of the city’s newer vintage record stores. [via]
*SubPop has started its own internet radio station. [via Getty Images]


Tech / tunes links 8.7.07 – Drowned in a dirty old pan of oil

*Microsoft wins mp3 patent case, throwing out a lower court’s jury verdict. This means you can keep listening to mp3s.
*To that end, we can begin inculcating the next generation: an mp3 player for the 0-3 set.
*SoundExchange (the peeps who collect online radio royalties) was caught funding political activities – which they’re not really allowed to do.
*Pitchfork and M.I.A. squabbling! Could not be anything but annoying.
*Amusing slide show of artists responsible for the 90s’ worst songs. Included are Billy Ray Cyrus (father of Hannah Montana!), Limp Bizkit and Hootie and the Blowfish.
*Wired helps undergrads learn the do’s and don’t’s of filesharing. One of their tips: “bribe the existing nerd ringleaders.”
*Top 100 country songs. Old school.
*Nerd hack of the day: Guitar Hero axe made out of Legos. Oooh, plus the air guitar wristband. And more nerd music mashing: A Commodore media player.
*Dylan covers from the likes of Sufjan Stevens on the way? Speculation on the double-disc soundtrack to forthcoming Todd Haynes Dylan biopic “I’m Not There.”
*Dell buys Zing, the company that provides the platform for the Sansa Connect mobile music player.
*Josh Spear thinks the iPhone sucks.

Vintage audio: Tapes and tapes

Designboom on the culture of cassette tapes. [via]

These guys sell very specific cassette tape belt buckles: Blank Sony tapes (sold out!), Bobby Brown, Bob Seger, even Prince and Tears for Fears.

Also: the cassette tape wallet.

Also: cassette tape MP3 player (not that sexy).

But THIS is sexy. Totally freakin’ awesome cassette tape-playing video follows!

Tech / Tunes links 8.2.07 – Upward over the mountain

*Celeb music: 74-year-old actor Michael Caine is planning on releasing release a chillout album, Cained. TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek is supposedly slated to produce a forthcoming Scarlett Johannsson album.
*Old-school bands playing concerts in album format; Rockers are playing all songs from a single album, in order. NO DEVIATIONS. MySpace property, the WSJ cites Lucinda Williams and Lou Reed as examples of the phenomenon.
*K-Fed launches a Google competitor. [via]
*TechCrunch gives its take on, another online music player.
*EMI makes a deal to sell DRM-free tracks through Puretracks. Still no definitive sales figures for DRM-free tracks via iTunes.
*“Prohibited Beatz” is a YouTube documentary (in multiple parts) about a “live electronic” group, NERVE. The MFer thread has a number of additional, similar recommendations.
*What, no YouTube video? Pristine record player made out of paper. [via Discovery]
*Let them sing it for you: An online mini-app that lets you type your text into a box, then have real rockers sing it. Like a singing computer! (They need to identify who’s doing the singing.)
*More Thump-like Bluetooth-enabled music-playing sunglasses: O Rokr.
*Spin on how a record gets leaked. [via]
*What does Prince want? An oxygen bar, black M&Ms and eternal life. [via]